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Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a landmass consisting of 2 main habitable areas along with over 700 smaller islands.New Zealand is a developed country and ranks highly in international comparisons among economical factors such as quality of life, education, national performance indexes, protection of civil liberties, economic freedom and more.From hiking to trails to just having an all-around pleasant atmosphere along with a very easy going lifestyle, New Zealand attracts a lot of tourism retreat activities throughout the year.On the commercial front, New Zealand’s economy is highly dependent on international trades, particularly for agricultural products. Sector-wise, services, manufacturing, construction, farming and raw material extraction make up the majority of the economical balance in the island country. Along with tourism, these industries employ a lot of people across different verticals of various public and private firms.

Eliminate the Need for Manual Data Entry

ZingHR, the best enterprise HR software, is a Microsoft backed cloud-based HRMS software solution that runs amazingly on the premise of smart AI and deep ML.

Spanning across Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East with over 2 decades of prolific industry experience, ZingHR is one of the most promising HRTech systems in the space.

ZingHR, the best HR software for enterprises and large companies, provide utilities such as zero-touch payroll processing systems, hiring and retention algorithms, performance metrics and budgetary supports along with many others.

Let the tech work for you

ZingHR’s AI-powered HR tools enable easier access to data and insights and augmented analytics automates these insights through machine learning to bring give the most updated throughput for the organisation.

ZingHR is a cloud-based HR solution that provides seamless integration of spatially distributed teams and is highly scalable for fast-growing business requirements. The support for multiple platform integration is just a cherry on top.

For gig economy workers and monitoring of employees and teams remotely, cloud integration of time scheduling, workforce synchronisation and remote team efficiency is an essential part of the HR management portfolio that ZingHR brings.

Power your workforce with integrated HR services

  • ZingHR hosts the utilisation of necessary talent and associated skills through evolving work dynamics on its technology-enabled platform that gives significance to gig work, temporary project utilisation and redeployment of employees to meet changing business needs.

  • ZingHR’s AI insights bring employee performance metrics through analytics integrated deep learning that leads to the proper allocation of projects based on employee productivity limit, efficient use of resources and diversely helpful department integration for accurate work implementation.

  • ZingHR, the best HR software for enterprises and large companies, positively leverages this option to bring forth a thorough network of interconnected employees by offering handy features on its platform to facilitate work productivity, project efficiency and optimum output delivery without burning your budget. To know more about us, visit us at or book a free demo by dropping us a line at

Embrace a Precise, Secure and Able Management System

  • ZingHR is New Zealand’s best cloud HR software solution designed for all kinds of workplace modes and modules.

  • At ZingHR, we understand the need for security, privacy and a completely reliable management system for businesses. Thus, our software provides the best mix of control, features and integration.

  • ZingHR brings an all-around solution to all HR functionalities such as hiring, retention, digital onboarding, payroll processing, employee tracking, internal management and more.
  • ZingHR is highly flexible for businesses of all sizes and domains and is the most ideal solution for your entire HR need.

HR and payroll integration for improved efficiency, growth, and employee empowerment in New Zealand

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