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The Best HRMS & Payroll Software in Nagaland

This one’s for the land of mountains & tribes. Nagaland is a land of diverse culture & tradition, otherwise known as the “Falcon Capital” of the world, this state is home to many tribes – celebrating festivals & spreading joy. This picturesque landscape is what attracts tourists. Along with the spread of biodiversity across the state, tourists also come to witness the amalgamation of diverse traditions of over a dozen tribes.

For a state so diverse, companies in Nagaland also need diverse options in terms of automating their current processes. The reason for automation being – having to focus on tasks that lead to outcomes rather than performing asks that don’t. That said, ZingHR brings to you a platform that believes in “Outcomation”, we push you to automate your systems & achieve the outcomes. In the end of the day, we aim to lesser your workload! Be it an SMB or enterprise in Nagaland, we provide services to all with the option of customizing & integrating our software. Quite a deal, right?

What can we offer to the companies in Nagaland?

ZingHR is an HR tech partner with knowledge & depth of a large organization driven by innovation & agility of a start-up. We provide various modules for enterprises to pick & choose the best suited plan for them. Few of the modules we provide are listed as below:

  • • Onboarding New Employees
  • • Conducting Interviews
  • • Attendance Management
  • • Payroll Management
  • • Talent Management
  • • Training & Learning
  • • Employee Hierarchy Management
  • • Appraisals & Compensation
Above mentioned are only a few modules that ZingHR offers. We are on the constant hustle to understand the market & develop modules that can reduce your company’s extra workload. HR Tech is now the talk around town, but it shouldn’t be something you implement just because you’re curious. Enterprises in Nagaland must understand their requirement and only opt for modules that they require. We’re not ones to create a hole in your pocket but our team of dedicated individuals will guide you & provide you with the best possible solution.

ZingHR is one of the best HR & Payroll software there is. Our constant hunger to provide our best to clients is what’s got us there. Our cloud-based HR software keeps your company’s data centralized & safe, & how do you trust us on that? Well, we’re certified us a GDPR compliant software! Other reasons why should pick ZingHR are mentioned below:

An All-in-One Solution

Companies in Nagaland no longer have to surf through a million HR software to find one that’s the best fit for them. At ZingHR, we provide an entire hire-retire platform. With over 600+ clients trusting & loving our product, we’re sure that you would too! With a team of proactive individuals & the drive of agility & innovation that we have, you can trust us to be your long-term HR tech partner.

Easier Decision Making with Analytics

With AI tech all around, why not leave your decision-making there as well? With reports being processed within a second, you can now have data in your hands anytime, anywhere. ZingHR provides the best HRMS solution for your company. With customizable options & easy integration, you’ll now not have to worry about processes!

We’re going to keep you curious as to what more we have to offer! So, Nagaland, are you ready to have your companies take a turn? We hope so. Call us now to help you understand the various tasks that we can enable you to automate and also save on costs in a significant manner or write to us at

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities