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The Best HRMS & Payroll Software in Meghalaya

Kumno folks from the city of clouds! The land of fairytales, that’s how unreal it is. Located in North-East India, Meghalaya is known for its abundance rainfall & richest biodiversity around the world. Apart from that, the rich tradition & mesmerizing terrain is what that state is famous for. Meghalaya is that painting that you wouldn’t mind paying a few thousand for, it truly is that breathtaking. It is a state that has much to offer, from brimful waterfalls to luscious forests, they have plenty to offer.

For a state that is ready to get you on an adventure, how about we take the SMBs & enterprises of Meghalaya on a tech adventure? With the digitalization of processes becoming the new normal, companies aim to have the best HRMS software implemented & dare we say, have you tried ZingHR yet? An all-in-one platform & the solution to all your current challenges – ZingHR is your answer. With our constant drive to innovate & with our diverse range of clients, we understand your requirements & choose to make the perfect plan for your company. Be it an enterprise or a start-up, we’ve got you covered.

What kind of modules can HRMS offer?

Agile & user-friendly is what we aim to be & we keep working on that aspect. Apart from a million other reasons why you should choose ZingHR as your long-term HRMS partner, here is a list of modules that we have to offer to you.

  • • Onboarding New Employees
  • • Conducting Interviews
  • • Attendance Management
  • • Payroll Management
  • • Talent Management
  • • Training & Learning
  • • Employee Hierarchy Management
  • • Appraisals & Compensation & on goes the list.
An on-cloud solution that keeps your data safe & centralized, & how do you trust us with that? We have GDPR to back us, that’s right, ZingHR is GDPR compliant. Our cloud-based HR & Payroll software will have you focus more on outcomes than the manual processes of handling salaries & entering employee data onto a system, gone are those days. That been said, let’s introduced you to the concept of “Outcomation”, no business in this digital age should say no to technology, that’s just throwing your business out, we believe that a company must automate their processes to achieve the outcomes they desire. This will not just help your business flourish but also help the enterprises in Meghalaya focus on the bigger picture.

Problems with Payroll? We got you!

It is the service that we are familiar with inside out, with an experience of 20+ years & counting, we provide the best payroll services in Meghalaya. We help to easily execute standard as well as complex payroll & compliances every month to ensure accurate & on-time processing. ZingHR’s payroll management platform can process more than 500 computations in less than a minute with zero errors.

Enhance your Hiring Experience

We’ve built our software to have a mobile-first approach & to be intuitive, with our ability to integrate across platforms, companies in Meghalaya no longer have to worry about hustling between different sites to find the perfect candidate. From quicker sourcing, robotic interviews, onboarding of the employee & so on, we’ve got your back.

We at ZingHR are driven by the needs of the future. With the world rapidly changing & companies adapting to technology faster than anticipated, there’s no way we’ll miss out on any innovation. Our employee-management-centric software provides a platform for all SMBs & enterprises in Meghalaya.

We hope to have caught your eye by now. To know more about ZingHR, you can always get in touch with us at!

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