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The Best HRMS & Payroll Software in Kozhikode

Namaskaram to the folks from the land of spices!
The land discovered by Vasco Da Gama – becoming the most prominent port in the Malabar region to trade spices, silk & other goods, Kozhikode has been ranked the second-best city in India to live in! What an achievement that is. The reason for it being the unreal beaches, parks, religious places, monuments & wildlife it has to offer. This beautiful city still holds the charm of its history. The friendly nature of the people of Kozhikode, along with their love for traditional values is warming the heart.
To the city that gained recognition in the trade route, we’re going to help you be recognized as one of the cities with great technological advancements as well. Companies in Kozhikode, no doubt may be flourishing, but how much of your time is being taken up by doing manual tasks that can rather be automated by HR management software? We’re here to explain to you, what an HRMS is & what benefits it could bring in to your company.

What is HRMS?

This software is innovated to make HR functions effortless. An HRMS is also commonly known as a tool used to attract, engage, & enlighten employees throughout the employee life-cycle while also easing the workload of the top management.

What are the benefits your company gets?

Apart from routine activities like Payroll & Time & Attendance, this platform offers you so much more than that. Here is a gist of what our platform has to offer:

  • • Talent Acquisition
  • • ESS (Employee Self-Service), Social, & MSS (Action Manager Self-Service) Management
  • • Digital Onboarding
  • • Talent & Performance Management
  • • Time & Leave Management
  • • Learning Management
  • • Travel & Expense Management
  • • E-Separation Management
  • • Payroll Management
  • • Lifecycle Events Management

If you’re not ready to automate your functions already, we’ll give you a little more detailed description of what it is that we do at ZingHR. We have invested time & energy to make sure that we provide an interface that is intuitive so that companies of Kozhikode have reduced stress of learning how to use the interface that is meant to ease their work. We believe in “Outcomation”, which when broken down, means, automating your processes to achieve the outcome your company desires, be it an SMB or a large enterprise from different industries – we cater to all. Adding to this, we offer additional features so that you choose us as your long-term HR tech partner.

Aligning Employee & Company Aspirations

We provide simplified solutions & outcomes through the power of AI & Machine Learning. This combines various HR management functions so that the workload of HR settles. SMBs & enterprises in Kozhikode must grab the opportunity & combine HRM & IT through the best HRMS platform. Smart Hire-Retire Process

We provide an entire solution in one app! Need we say more? A complete on-cloud solution that keeps your data safe & provides a centralized database. Our mobile-first approach lets you perform your tasks anytime, anywhere. Be it punching in/out, viewing payslips, applying for leaves & so on, you have it in the touch of a finger.

An All-in-One Solution

Companies in Kozhikode no longer have to surf through a million HR software to find one that’s best fit for them. At ZingHR, we provide an entire hire-retire platform. With over 600+ clients trusting & loving our product, we’re sure that you would too!
Call us now to help you understand the various tasks that we can enable you to automate and also save on costs in a significant manner or write to us at

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