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In recent years, Haryana stands as one of the most influential states in northern India that opened its doors to large enterprise companies to set up their operations and create job opportunities for today’s youth. With the huge number of graduates passing out of colleges every year, it’s vital to find and hire the ones that are suitable for a particular position. However, for an HR manager, it becomes difficult to screen hundreds of resumes from a pile of papers. So, here an HRMS cloud solution can come to your rescue!

HRMS automation software not only eases the solution of hiring and payroll, but they also perform a multitude of tasks ranging from sourcing talents to closing formalities of employees who have left an organization. With our AI-enabled HRMS software- ZingHR you can automate different HR functions and save the time of your HR managers and employees and help them to focus on valuable tasks.

A Comprehensive HR software for remote working in Large- and medium-size Businesses-

Due to the current pandemic situation, the large companies and enterprises in Haryana are providing remote job opportunities to people from different geographic locations. This has posed a serious challenge for the HR teams and Managers as they are unable to track and organize their subordinates. Therefore, in this scenario, integrating an HRMS can help streamline the entire process and allow managers to efficiently manage their entire remote team and workforce. Our HRMS ZingNeo allows you to oversee all tasks across the departments and lets you manage the employees in terms of providing them with timely salary, recognition, and so on.

Types of HR modules ZingHR can offer to the large companies in Haryana?

ZingHR is an outcome-focused software that streamlines the processes in large organizations and helps HR to encourage team members to work in the agile method. ZingHR – HRMS is easy to use and its well-designed interface will give you thousands of reasons to choose us over other HRtech software, here’s the complete overview of modules that we have integrated into our application:

  • ·Attendance Management
  • ·Payroll Management
  • ·Training & Learning
  • ·Onboarding Employees
  • ·Conducting Interviews
  • ·Talent Management
  • ·Employee and Manager Self Service
  • ·Rewards and Recognition

HRMS plays a key role in the smooth functioning of any business. It makes complex payroll and compliances easy and ensures accurate legal works are performed on time. Our system can process countless computations in less than a minute with zero errors.

Our HR payroll management includes a range of features that helps with all payroll processes such as – salary, tax deductions, leave encashments, and so on. Big brands or companies in today’s world, consider digitizing their entire work not only just some part of their process because their major focus remains on growth and expansion and they always find better ways to manage their employees. Thus, it’s important for them to have the right technologies in place.

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