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Gandhinagar received its recognition as a capital town in 1960 after Mumbai was split into 2 cities specifically, Mumbai and Gujarat. Gandhinagar served as a second home to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi from where he started the liberty struggle then got its name from him.

The average elevation of Gandhinagar is eighty-one meters and therefore the town is set on the banks of stream Sabarmati. The town lies within the north-central-east direction of Gujarat and meets a vicinity of 205 sq. kilometres. The streams of the Sabarmati river dries up throughout the summer months and solely a really little and slender brook of water is found in situ of the stream. Gandhinagar is additionally referred to as the tree capital of Bharat.

Gandhinagar has been divided into thirty sectors that stretch across the central advance of the govt. of Gujarat. Each sector in Gandhinagar has its centre, consultation room, shopping precinct, school, non-public housing and government housing. All the sectors even have the availability of intensive planting, recreational space and parks beside stream Sabarmati that provides the town with an environment of the inexperienced garden.

The planning of the entire town of Gandhinagar has been done by 2 planners from Bharat specifically H.K. Mewada and Prakash M Apte. Gandhinagar possesses Akshardham Temple that is the most significant in Gujarat. Gandhinagar ranks second among the planned cities of Bharat, the being Chandigarh. Gandhinagar is the executive and therefore the industrial centre of Gujarat. The fertility in and around Gandhinagar consists of black soil that makes them smart for cultivation.

Gandhinagar is widespread for its tourist attractions. Being the capital town, it attracts an oversized variety of tourists once a year. The tourist places embrace Hanuman Temple, Swaminarayan Temple, Akshardham Temple, Adalaj Step Well, Science town, Sabarmati Ashram, varied multiplexes, Children’s Park, Sarita Udyan, ruminant Park and Craftsmen Village. Gandhinagar also presents a large variety of hotels to its guests.

Gandhinagar carries the tradition of handmade Gujarati gifts through its culture that’s given by the wonderful acquisition like wood carvings, terracotta work and ethnic wears. These also contribute to some of the key businesses in Gandhinagar. Payroll accounting could be a crucial facet of a business, especially in Gandhinagar where the locals believe in traditional HR operations but at the end of the day, it is a long task for any business. Besides, with the dynamic payroll laws, it is a frightening task to manage payroll. Being a business in Gandhinagar, if payroll management could be trouble, otherwise, you don’t have the proper resources, then ZingHR will assist you to manage the total payroll performance.

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