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Best HR and Payroll Software in Dhaka

At ZingHR, we are helping Growth Bound Enterprises to Achieve Outcomation in Dhaka.

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A city that is in constant hustle, a city that never sleeps. Dhaka is a densely populated city that has various contrasts – from new to old & industry to folk, it has all been combined to form one beautifully diverse city & thereby also being the capital of Bangladesh. Being the capital city comes with responsibilities & so, it is known to be the political, economical & cultural capital as well! One might wonder how people could live with all the chaos. Well, lucky for the people of Dhaka, they have bits of green spaces to head to for some peace & quiet.

Dhaka, known to be the busiest – companies in Dhaka would definitely want to take their technology game up to sustain in the market. Life without technology has almost become impossible to imagine. To help with the growing needs & wants of SMBs & enterprises of Dhaka, we at ZingHR bring to you the best HRMS & Payroll software. OutcomationTM is what we believe in, which is, automating your systems so that it can help you achieve desirable outcomes. Technology must be looked at with an open mindset, our HRMS solution provides an easy-to-use interface, employee centric & mobile first approach.

What are the different modules we offer?

Hire to retire, everything from onboarding an employee to their exit is managed by the software. A cloud-based HRMS software that keeps all data stored & secured in its database. To name a few modules that we have to offer:

• Talent Acquisition
• ESS (Employee Self-Service), Social, & MSS (Actions Manager Self-Service) Management
• Digital On-Boarding
• Talent & Performance Management
• Time & Leave Management
• Learning Management
• Travel & Expense Management
• E-Separation Management
• Payroll Management
• Lifecycle Events Management

Mastering the segment of innovation, we compete to be among the best HRMS solutions in Dhaka there is to offer. The best cloud HCM in Dhaka takes care of all important aspects of your business. This includes the time they are spending in the office, the leaves they are taking, and their overall attendance records. They come with intuitive dashboards that make it easier for you to also recruit the best talent for the SMBs & enterprises in Dhaka.
ZingHR stands to be the best HR & Payroll software there is. We are determined to provide the best to our clients. Our cloud-based HR software keeps your company’s data centralized & safe, & how do you trust us on that? Well, we’re certified us a GDPR compliant software! Other reasons why should pick ZingHR are mentioned below:

Seamless Integration

Be it integration across different employment portals or across different functions of the HRMS system, we provide it all. ZingHR’s HRMS solution is highly customizable according to the preferences of the companies in Dhaka.

Easy Decision Making with Analytics

With AI tech all around, why not leave your decision making there as well? With reports being processed within a second, you can now have data in your hands anytime, anywhere. ZingHR provides the best HRMS solution for your company. With customizable options & easy integration, you’ll now not have to worry about processes!

Helps Engage Employees

With modules rewards & recognition, employee surveys & ESS, you’re in a way letting your employees know that their opinions matter. This gives them the motivation to work harder & also builds greater loyalty. What else would companies in Dhaka need if not employees that trust them?
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