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Dammam is the sixth most populous city in Saudi Arabia and it is known for being a major administrative centre for the Saudi oil industry. Apart from the oil industry, Dammam has several companies from diverse domains and to grow and reach their business goals they are looking to integrate advanced technologies to maximise their ROI. ZingHR being the pioneer in the HRTech industry offers advanced solutions using cutting edge technologies to solve critical HR related tasks.

Today, HR managers and CHROs recognize how effective technologies are in helping their businesses. They are looking for modern, flexible and dynamic HR software to meet their evolving business needs. However, not all solutions available on the market can offer the advantage their organizations need. So, in order to meet challenging HR problems ZingHR came up with innovative solutions and offers an intuitive dashboard that displays key data and streamlines entire business processes.

What are the things HRMS software offers in Dammam?

If you are still having second thoughts and can’t fathom the benefits these systems bring to your business, then let’s dive deep into each of the features it offers to empower your workforce. Our HR software in Dammam is powered with Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics, which enables it to perform multiple tasks instantly without a minute’s delay.
Our HRMS system performs the following tasks listed below:
Digital on-boarding
Payroll management
Talent acquisition
Time and leave management
ESS (employee self-service), social, and MSS (actions manager self-service) management
Talent and performance management
Travel and expense management
Learning management
E-separation management
Lifecycle events management
Businesses using HR software across industries are enjoying agile, automated, and paperless human capital management. Thus, making life easy for everyone in the organization.
Investing in an HRMS solution coupled with business intelligence tools, results in effective decision making, formulating a data-driven approach, reduction in errors due to manual record-keeping and increased efficiency and accountability of every employee within the organization will help reduce the operation costs.


HRMS solutions like ZingHR are self-managed, therefore your employees get the freedom to maintain their work-life balance by planning in advance their daily work, and also it gives them a hassle-free experience while applying for leaves, which is otherwise a time-consuming and hectic process in a traditional business setup.
So, what are you waiting for? Integrate HRMS in your business today. HR software providers in Dammam offer competitive plans packed with additional features that make it a complete business management solution. Contact us to know more about HRMS software.

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