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Buraidah is the capital of Al-Qassim Region in north central Saudi Arabia. It is known for its dates festival which is the biggest in the world with various types of dates, and it attracts tourists from around its surrounding regions. Over the last few years industrial development is at its peak and this sudden evolution has led to a sharp rise in the need for cutting-edge human resources management tools and software. The recent talent inflow in Buraidah is huge in number making it compulsory for the HR Managers and CHROs to be swift and proactive in their day-to-day functioning. However, this brings us into the picture. ZingHR- cloud HRMS is known as the most trusted enterprise HR software company in Buraidah, Al-Qassim Region. We provide seamless and integrated HR services to help businesses achieve their goals. 

A complete HR and payroll software for Large- and small-scale industries –

With the growing business, it becomes evitable to incorporate HR software into your system. From managing the complex employee database to the efficient monitoring of employee attendance, leaves, performance, the HR software becomes an indispensable element to evade off. The HR software significantly lays unlimited benefits for the business in terms of refined recruitment, easy onboarding, effective payroll calculation, efficient employee management and much more.

ZingHR has been solving the diverse HR challenges for businesses operating in multiple verticals. However, one of the most remarkable features of ZingHR is that it automates the timesheet and attendance management chores for HR professionals. It keeps them in an advantageous position and helps them to focus on other functions. Our HRMS software in Buraidah supports seamless integration with most of the biometric tracking systems in use today thus paving way for error-free and timely payroll calculation.

What are the solutions HRMS software provides?

Our HR software in Buraidah, Al-Qassim Region caters to the needs of diverse industries and has proved to be a great management tool in optimizing work productivity and engagement among the employees. Our HRMS system performs the following tasks listed below:
-Digital on-boarding
-Payroll management
-Talent acquisition
-Time and leave management
-ESS (employee self-service), social, and MSS (actions manager self-service) management
-Talent and performance management
-Travel and expense management
-Learning management
-E-separation management
-Lifecycle events management


In this era where remote working has become the new normal, managing the workforce, as well as the HR and management tasks, has become difficult work altogether. So, to put an end to all your worries, we came up with this innovative solution. ZingHR is the best HR software in Buraidah, Al-Qassim Region and its best suited for both small- and large-scale organizations. For more information, you can check the FAQ section or you can write to us at info@zinghr.com.

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