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Machine Learning

Integrate your data intelligently with ZingHR’s Machine Learning abilities. Eliminate interviewer bias, predict candidate behavior and make faster hiring decisions.

Machine Learning for Human Capital Management

A subdivision of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning builds on the machine’s capability to learn without being unequivocally customized. Machines learn and analyze through understanding and work with big data to distinguish and examine examples and patterns.

Machine Learning can help organizations achieve a higher ROI on the resource time and cost spent on recruiting. They help make quick, unbiased hiring decisions based on the candidate profile.


Machine Learning Features

Machine Learning Benefits

Rapid processing, analysis, and predictions

Machine Learning revolutionizes recruiting by applying complex mathematical calculations to analyze the behaviour of a potential employee, hence saving the time spent on recruitment.

Eliminating interviewer bias

Given the right human insight, machine learning can eliminate interviewer bias as it analyzes the big data as per user defined parameters and the results are drawn objectively.

Predict Employee Attrition based on algorithms

Predictive models can be designed by Machine Learning algorithms classifying potential employees as per their probability of attrition, derived by past behavioural patterns within their previous workplaces.

Futuristic approach on behavioural pattern

Machine Learning assesses the behavioural pattern of a candidate through the Resume and Social Media profiles. It captures sophisticated patterns to predict the position a candidate is best suited for.

Personalized and cost-effective solution

It helps make faster hiring decisions as the requirements for the right candidate are clearly defined, reducing the resource time and efforts, hence reducing the overall costs for the organization.


ZingHR’s artificially intelligent chatbot is intuitively designed with capabilities to simulate a conversation with human users. Discover a smarter way to engage, real-time.

Chatbot App

Instant Support, 24X7
Chatbot uses artificial intelligence to automate your customer service experience. Chatbot offers a richer, smarter way to provide instant support, real-time. ZingHR simplifies your Human Capital Management experience with a single platform to handle and respond to all your queries. Designed to connect with human users, the ZingHR chatbot is enabled to generate responses and quickly guide you through the portal.


The chatbot uses Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to mimic human conversations and respond to written prompts by the user, real-time.


Real-time information

We optimize the user experience by combining real-time learning that enriches each conversation held with the chatbot. The chatbot is evolving with every new response & context, based on its real time interactions.

User experience

Understanding the importance of time spent in solving issues, the chatbot is designed to handle basic requests and respond to common questions within a fraction of a second.

Higher satisfaction

The ZingHR chatbot promises unmatched and unparalleled level of convenience for the users, intends to assist you at all times, reduce the number of tickets raised and cut down on any delays in communication.


Access your Human Capital metrics and reports at a speed you’ve never experienced before. ZingHR service based on Power BI provides businesses with a 360 degree and real-time view of the most important HR metrics. Turn your data into intelligent, impactful visualizations and make better, informed decisions.

Power BI Benefits

Make better, informed decisions

Power BI can assist HR spot trends, gain employee insights real time, identify and address potential issues – facilitating better decision making. Take the right action to improve performance, instantly.

Specialized HCM solutions

Uncover underlying insights, increase speed and efficiency. HCM solutions – Compliance Training and Headcount summary help you measure employee performance and forecast hiring needs.

Integration with Microsoft products

Easily integrate Power BI with Excel, Office 365, Azure and SQL server. Predictive intelligence powered – Machine Learning and Azure Stream Analytics help you achieve your organizational goals.

Available on Mobiles

Enjoy increased mobility as Power BI tools are available for mobile apps in iOS and Android, enabling seamless integration across devices. Simply log in and access dashboards for quick and detailed analytics.

Cloud based business analytics

Connect to multiple data sources for impactful business analytics and data visualization on-the-go, as Power BI is hosted in the cloud. Clean, shape, model, and visualize data with live dashboards. Share and collaborate real-time.

Best in class dashboards

Access live 360 degree view of your business on your personalized dashboard, create interactive reports. Ask questions and get answers in the form of graphs with actionable insights at your fingertips.


Introducing Aadhar based eKYC integration – a convenient, secure and paperless process for instant employee verification.

Onboarding App

Simplify onboarding. Go Mobile.

ZingHR’s latest integration for convenient employee Onboarding – Aadhaar based eKYC, lets employees instantly complete their verification processes. The identity and address of the candidate are verified electronically through Aadhaar and quickly processed further. It enables a convenient, secure and paperless process for employee verification.

The entire onboarding process including document submission, offer letter acceptance, sharing company details, employee connect on mobile and web and eKYC verification is integrated seamlessly.

Benefits of Onboarding

  • Employee engagement: Interactively engage employees from the day they receive the offer letter. The app lets employees chat with the company team members even before they join the organization.
  • Reduces attrition: The onboarding app helps organizations welcome employees as a part of the team before they have joined the company. It builds better relationships and helps reduce the attrition rate for an organization.
  • Go paperless: With Aadhaar based eKYC on the Mobile, the entire documentation process is now convenient and paperless.
  • Task Management simplified: Enables effective task management on mobile. The task can be document submission, questionnaire or non-document task, the app assists in simplifying the function.


Automated time reporting for businesses to get the best data to manage, connect and collaborate with remote and hourly employees.

Stay connected with your workforce.

Digitally Connected Workforce

Helps HR to offer new perspectives and transforming the way we work. For the modern, digitally connected workforce, the HR has adopted disruptive innovations so as to engage better and enhance business outcomes.

To Manage Remote Employees

One such innovation that challenges the traditional reporting at the new-age workplace is Geo-Fencing. It lets you connect, collaborate and manage remote employees.

Capture time, measure performance

Geo-fencing helps organizations stay connected with remote employees, track time and measure performance. The punch-in/punch out functionality available on Mobile and web makes collaboration simple.

Enabling flexible work shifts

Geo-tagging enabled for the field force. It empowers employees with flexible work timings, letting employees update tasks on-the-go, enhancing employee efficiency.