Choosing the right HRMS platform is of utmost importance for competitive organizations. It plays a crucial role in automating HR processes, thus ensuring smoother work flow. It must allow the HR/Managers to access workplace and performance insights. ZingHR, lists the key features that an HR Management Software must have –

1) Time and Attendance Management

This feature helps businesses understand the workforce availability real-time. The total time spent by an employee on a given task/project can be effortlessly calculated with T&A module. This also assists in recording absenteeism, and accurate payroll processing.

2) Payroll

Process payroll faster while maintaining high accuracy. Process complex payrolls by synchronizing employee data with payroll details. Hence ensuring error-free timely payments and statutory compliance.

3) Recruitment

The software for HR Management simplifies the traditionally lengthy recruitment process. The modern HR needs a faster and futuristic recruitment process on a low cost. Hence, opt for features like manpower planning, multi-channel sourcing, interview scheduling etc.

4) Self – Service Portal

The self service portal lets employees edit/update their personal information. This facilitates quick updates and ensures information accuracy. Employees can view and download their payslips, employee handbook etc.

Important documents can be uploaded/accessed by the HR Manager and the employee. Therefore, employees no longer have to wait for HR to make changes to their personal data.

5) Claims & Re-Imbursements

Streamline mobile, travel and expense claims with this feature. Since the HR software can configure claims as per the company policy and the employee levels. Furthermore, this way, the company can validate employee efforts and claims.

6) Leave Management

It is one of most essential features of a good HR Management Software. Gone are the days when you had to go through email leave requests to keep track of employee leaves.
It is especially relevant for the HR Manager, who now gets a real-time view of the employees at work. It enables easy resource allocation of tasks/projects. In addition he/she can easily customize holiday calendars for different countries, leave policies, regularizations, etc.
Moreover, an employee can log in to the software at any time to view their leave status, historical data and apply leaves.

7) Employee Creation and Database Management

Use the manual and automated pre-hire data capture functionality. Complete the employee creation process in less than 10 minutes. The recruiter has to as enter in quick fields to welcome the new employee onboard smoothly.

To summarize, the right HR Management Software can increase transparency and improve your bottom line. As a result, a feature-rich web based HR Software is essential for the workforce of today.


Driving and enhancing employee productivity is paramount to achieving the business objectives. For organizations across industries, the HR is seeking new ways to engage employees. An HRMS platform is at the forefront to drive this digitally.

Online Recruiting:

HR management software enables you to recruit from a large pool of talent online. It reaches out to a larger job seeking audience, and filters through your requirement. This lets you shortlist candidates with specific skill sets. Therefore, find the best fit for your organization and drastically reduce recruiting costs.

Self Service Portal:

Employees can enter, manage and update their own data. This ensures that the data is up to date and accurate. It reduces errors, saves time and enhances the ease of collaboration. Hence the organization is more integrated and informed.

Centralized Database:

Get instant access to complete employee related data from anywhere. The online HR management software hosts the database on cloud. It significantly saves time spent in looking for data for more productive tasks.

Attendance Manager:

This allows the employees to enter their attendance into the system. It enables employees to keeps track of their working hours and leave status. In addition, it helps to generate the employee payroll efficiently. As a result, the attendance manager is extremely reliable and essential for every organization.

Effective Appraisals:

HR management software allows for more constructive and effective feedback. Because of which, it helps set employee goals that bridge the gap between management and workforce. The softwares provide 360-degree assessments and analysis reports for employee performance, ensuring complete satisfaction in both sides, and consequently enhancing productivity directly.

Quick Claims:

Online HR software helps keep track of employee salaries and reimbursements, which, as a result allows for quick claims and settlement.

Technology-led Change:

As the modern workforce is extremely tech savvy, hence cloud based HRMS platform is enabling end-to-end employee lifecycle management on-the-go. HR softwares in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are boosting productivity and development across all sectors.

No Overload:

Since the HRMS platform is completely managed on the cloud, HR management softwares can store and process significant amount of data, leaving room for expansion and innovation.


Automation of HR processes helps the human resources department to do their job more efficiently and spend a great amount of effort on tasks such as building strategies to help the organization grow stronger. When automation is implemented an improvement in productivity and profit is seen consecutively. When the staff is able to complete tedious processes in a simplified manner, they are motivated to accomplish all their goals better.

All repetitive tasks can be easily automated using online HR solutions. Here are some of the tasks that should be automated immediately for your employees to work more efficiently.

  1. Onboarding: The process of collecting new employee data involves signing contracts, share paperwork and other essential duties. This process is really intensive and inefficient for the HR department and takes away their time which could be spent focusing on other important aspects. Automating this process facilitates a standardized flow of information to new employees and ensures that they are informed about the necessary details. The time taken to process all the documents is significantly reduced to a few hours, which, if done manually, would have taken an entire week.
  2. Timesheets: Tracking and updating timesheets is a very time-consuming task. When this is automated, the collection of data and validation of information is faster, eliminating manual labour. This also takes away the burden of updating employee records manually.
  3. Offboarding: Termination of an employee requires processing and gathering of a lot of documents and also making sure that the terminated employees are no longer receiving payments and benefits. When off-boarding is automated the process of document collection becomes easier and issues that could lead a company to legal problems are easily prevented.
  4. Leave requests: When employees submit leave requests, for different reasons, it becomes difficult for the HR staff to process the request and approve them on time. HR automation of this process can allow the employees to secure leaves faster while also updating their leave records simultaneously. A streamlined process helps to manage, track and approve leaves more efficiently.
  5. Employee Data: It is essential to keep the employee data up-to-date. Doing this manually is too time consuming and involves a great deal of paperwork. When it is an Online HR software, entry of this data becomes easy, manual error is reduced and employees themselves can update their data. This also allows HR staff to have all employee data on their fingertips and reduces the chances of data loss.
  6. Performance Appraisal Processes: With all the responsibilities that everyone has at work, it becomes difficult for the managers to update employee performance records on a regular basis. Automation allows to validate the performance of an employee systematically and helps to get an overall view of how the employees are performing.

HR automation ensures security of all the company data. It becomes easier to back up the important data to online servers and prevents the loss of data. It reduces human error, unnecessary expenses and helps to align an efficient workflow in the company.


Payroll is the process through which employees receive their paychecks and is obviously the most important part of an organization because everyone works for money. Most employees in any office are likely to leave if they do not get their salary in time. In some organizations, payroll is considered a part of the Human Resource Management department because they deal directly with the people being recruited and are also responsible for deciding the salary, bonus, and incentives of all employees. Payroll and the HR department are intricately linked and one is dependable on the other for the organization’s proper functioning.

Simply put, the HR professionals are the first to face basic questions from an interviewee like whether the pay is given on time, what kind of deductions are made from the salary, if the attendance is integrated into the pay package and in case of salary errors how fast can they be rectified. Thus, the onus of convincing a potential employee to take up the job depends on the HR department which definitely makes it an important part of the department. Job aspirants also enquire about the employee benefits being offered by the company but the bottom line remains that wellness packages do not make the organization credible but pay package paid in time do.

Payroll is also very much connected with not only paychecks but also hikes, deductions, bonus, benefits, firings and resignations all of which are considered part of the HR department. The information is confidential and both human resource and payroll management system deal with them in the same manner. What also holds true is that in case of payment delays the human resource professionals find themselves in an unwanted situation even though they are not directly responsible for it.

Manual errors leading to paycheck problems may sometimes kick the dust over the department. This leads many companies to depend on reliable payroll management system software rather than the human hand for dealing with the payroll. The software is usually easy to understand and implement. Accuracy is one of its strong points and can be adapted with ease. Most also carry a history of salary revision which is important for maintaining proper employee records. Every company can also feed the system statutory warnings relevant to the particular organization which is helpful for preparing the payroll. The programs also have the provision for flexible payouts like travel and overtime which the software calculates on its own and applies while preparing the pay heads.


The various HR duties together can become quite humongous at times, but they can be efficiently performed with the help of human resource management system software application. This software combines various human resource or HR functions in one single package. These help in performing tasks/functions like recruitment, training, benefits, payroll, administration, performance analysis, review, etc. Today there are many reputed companies that provide HR management system software solutions that are made to perfectly suit the business needs of their customers, right from a small start-up to large scale enterprises.

Human resource basically helps in the management of employees or people in any organization and mainly focuses on its system and policies. It’s designed to fulfill the strategic objectives of the employer by maximizing the performance of employees. Motivation happens to be among the key factors that can maximize the performance of one’s team. So, in addition to the human resource management system software, the following HR tips can help managers in successfully fulfilling their duties by motivating the teams:

  • Reward and recognition: Employee rewards, if included in the main human resource policy, can greatly motivate the team members to work harder and help the HR managers in achieving their departmental goals. Various employee recognition programs and monetary bonuses as rewards can make employees take more interest in work and perform better.
  • Showing interest in new employees: Buddy programs and/or interesting orientation programs, right from the first day for the newly hired employees, is the best way to show them that the company is wilfully investing in them for their growth. Online training plus documents are a must for educating and helping them in understanding the company, its brand and products.
  • Additional skills: Continuous improvements by improving the staff should be one of the main HR strategies for the development of the workforce. Things like online soft skills programs and management development programs can be very helpful for the employees. Also, development tools like financial assistance for employees who wish to pursue higher education or get further training for improving job skills can eventually prove to be beneficial for the company itself.
  • Individual development plans and tasks: Individual development plans for each employee can motivate them in gaining soft skills. Providing challenging tasks that are slightly above their individual skill levels is also a healthy way to challenge learners without making things too difficult for them.
  • Being there for the team: During a crisis working side-by-side with the team can be a great example for those who are looking forward to become managers or get promoted to the next levels. Role models and mentoring here play a very important part and can result in higher rates of internal progression.

For the most ideal individuals who can fit within your culture and contribute within your association are a challenge and an opportunity. Keeping the best individuals, once you find them, is simple, but only if you do the right things right.

These tips will help you with selecting and holding all the ability you require. To make your challenge a bit easier you can also use recruitment management software for your recruitment process. Invest time in creating associations with university placement offices, recruiters and executive hunt firms.

  • Enable current staff individuals to effectively participate in industry proficient affiliations and gatherings where they are liable to meet competitors you might effectively charm.
  • Watch the online employment sheets for potential applicants who may have resumes online regardless of the fact that they’re not as of now looking.
  • Use proficient affiliation sites and magazines to publicize for expert staff.
  • The key is to manufacture your applicant pool before you require it.
  • Take a gander at In-house Candidates first by providing them promotions and lateral opportunities, which will boost their morale and make them feel that they are capable of doing better.
  • Always post positions in your organization first.
  • Include Your Employees in the Hiring Process. Your employees can recommend fabulous contender to your firm. Or they can help you to audit resumes and capabilities of potential competitors. They can also offer you some assistance with interviewing individuals to evaluate their potential “fit” inside of your organization.
  • Keep your advantages above industry standard and include new advantages as you can manage the cost of them. You likewise need to instruct representatives about the expense and estimation of their advantages so they acknowledge how well you are paying special mind to their needs.
  • In case you’re searching for somebody who will function admirably with individuals, you have to employ a person who has the ability of functioning admirably with individuals.
  • Build on what is great about your new worker in the first place.
  • Do make a work segment, which depicts your accessible positions and contains data about you and why an intrigued individual might need to contact your organization. A selecting site is your chance to sparkle and an exceedingly powerful approach to draw in applicants today.
  • Check References When Recruiting Employees

Every association needs to begin some place to enhance enrolling, enlisting, and maintenance of esteemed workers. Use human resource software to make this process easy and more convenient.


Human resource management is an important pillar of a business or a firm. Whether the organization is a new one or old, having efficient staff at work is always a matter of priority. If the staff sourced by the human resource team is not efficient, there are chances that the business may have to suffer due to the wrong choices of a recruiter or a recruitment team.

With the growing popularity of technology in business, the task of recruitment has also started depending greatly on technology ad software. More and more people are investing in software that help in the recruitment and other HR processes in a firm.  With the help of these software it is ensured that the processes to be carried out by recruiters are done in a simplified and an efficient manner without the risk of going wrong. The software systems help in ensuring maximum productivity for the firms and a helping hand for the human resource teams.

Providers of solutions for recruitment and HR processes such as ZingHR offer a line of products which help in the efficient running of the human resource programs and practices of a business or a company. These products help in cutting down unnecessary effort while maintaining the efficiency and customization required in the hiring process as well as payments and policy implementation processes of a company. This range of software programs help in reducing the costs of a company and also make sure that the quality in recruitment is not compromised giving maximum functionality to a business and high value for money. The use of such programs also help in taking the HR process of the company to the cloud making it secure and saving important data space for the firm to store other important material.

Modernizing the process of human resource management with the help of software programs is a new and innovative solution to achieve more out of less investment with a limited time and getting the process completed in a completely customized fashion. With the growing popularity of the internet, it now seems like a necessity to invest in a software program that works for efficiency in recruitment and HR processes.


Human resource must serve to meet with the growth requirements of a company from all angles. Employees not only make the backbone, but they are also the arms and feet of an organization. In fact, the staffs also set the heartbeats of an office. Without people, it is lifeless. You need a very efficient brain to get the anatomy to run healthily.

The HR is assigned the task of executing the decisions of the management. The HR also serves as a bridge between the employees and the top. A suitable human resource management system simplifies everything and helps to bring order in the two-way responsibilities.

Implementing order to the complex requirements

The HR desk stays busy throughout the day, and even after it. The attendance logs, the leave applications, the work reports, and the notices from the boardroom keep making rounds. At the month end, the salary sheets go through final processing. You need to check the data, assign the unique values, and calculate the figures individually for each staff. A suitable HR management system includes all arrangements to systematize operations.

The platform facilitates fluent professional communication over a secured network. Enabling communication systems is vital in maintaining elaborate workflows. For example, an employee can send a leave application via the network, which the HR evaluates, and either rejects or grants. If accepted, the application should also pass through management approval. A systematic process keeps operations in order, and encourages active participation of everyone associated with the organization.

Career growth with a reliable platform

The CRM also serves as an effective resource for data backup. The availability of regular figures effectively helps the professional to derive analytical calculations. A company’s progress depends on the execution of the best data projection. The HR’s ability to draw profitable numerical calculations is also imperative for her career growth. Finding the right human resource management system is crucial.


The ‘leave’ scenario is definitely one of the most challenging predicaments faced by an HR.  Employees often raise a request for leave because everyone loves a break! However, an office runs on practical reasons, and it may not be possible for you to assign the leave. Again, you may really feel the employee needs the break. Leave approvals are actually great ways to boost staff morale, when used judiciously.

A balanced approach

Following a balanced approach in official decisions is vital to ensure top level productivity from the staffs. At times, it can be impossible to grant the leave depending on a feeble reason. At other times, the reasons can be so compelling that denying the leave can seriously hamper staff morale.

A suitable Leave Management System effectively organizes the entire process. It enables multiple level workflows for leave applications so that the supervisors can carefully evaluate the applications. In fact, supervisors can attend to their official responsibilities even when they are on leave. A good software for leave management is accessible from mobiles as well.  The HR is never out of touch and can take effective decisions based on leave history of the employee.

Evaluating leave history

Employees are obviously accountable according to the leave history. Checking the history of absence also allows the supervisor with the information necessary to grant the leave application. Certain circumstances (such as medical emergencies) require speedy execution of the approval process. Check whether the software for leave management can provide immediate access to the leave history from the staff.

As a company grows, it enacts strictest protocols of approving leave applications. Small services can manage it well with a one-tier process. However, big organizations have multi-tier systems for approving the applications. The software speeds up the entire process by virtue of a systematic approach.

Mandatory holidays calendar

Multinational organizations need to manage mandatory holidays depending on varied geographical locations. This entails the need of efficient allocation of resources so that the business continues unbroken. Essentially, when the staffs are at a leave at a particular location, the HR manager needs to assign their work to employees at another location.

Local and national holiday dates should be taken into consideration. Sometimes, local festivals can run for several days at a stretch. Adequate work allocation during these intervals is vital. The Leave Management System can effectively assist with the purpose. Check whether the provider has multiple packages. Choose the one that is most compatible with your requirements.


As human beings, most of us like to be praised for our actions. When praised genuinely, we feel happy and motivated to do better for the similar action. This happens most of the time in our personal life.

Does it happen in our corporate life also? Research shows that most of the time instead of being PRAISED we are APPRAISED. We are JUDGED. Our work is RATED. We are force-fitted into a BELL CURVE.

Thank to the hundreds of corporate customers whom ZingHR has worked with evolving some Best Practices in Performance Management Process, we have been able to summarise some of the key features that CEOS / CHROs are looking for in the e-Performance Management Process (ePMS), along with how ZingHR ePMS module has addressed them:

Appraisal process should be just a sub-process of an overall Performance Management Process, instead of the end objective.

ePMS should go beyond an annual recording exercise, which usually results in more heart-burns than motivation. It has been researched that such an exercise done without the spirit of Development, often turns out as a big motivator and most of the team members end up being a non-believer in the Appraisal system.

The Goal Setting Process should help employees have a meaningful interaction with their immediate managers and agree on a common roadmap with clear roles, responsibilities and support required to meet the common objectives.

  • ZingHR has a simple workflow including iteration and approvals for Goal Setting. KRA or KPIs as most organization call it, are set with targets set monthly, quarterly or annual. Appropriate choice of rating scales help you decide the best one for your organization.
    Balanced Score Card Framework should help both the employees as well as the managers to align themselves to the organisational goals, hence feel much more confident about their contribution to the organizational growth and success.
  • ZingHR Balanced Score Card Framework, help alignment. Apart from standard perspectives like Customer, Financial, Internal Process and Learnig & Growth, organizations can also add their own perspectives like Social Responsibility, Safety…
    Ongoing Process: One of the key elements to avoid bias of near time period effect, it is important that there is a continuous dialogue and feedback mechanism with the employee. This helps course correct performance gaps, and also carries the message that there is a genuine interest from the manager for the employee to succeed.
  • ZingHR has incorporated the Critical Incidence Diary (CID) for this purpose, wherein there is a constant dialogue over critical incidences, both positives or otherwise. This also helps in scenarios wherein the reporting manager has changed in between an assessment period, as it carries records of the previous manager. Competency Framework: People come with different Competency types and Competency levels. It is desirable that there is a framework to identify such competencies and help them move climb the competency levels.
  • ZingHR platform helps you define in a structured manner appropriate Competencies required for the Organisation across various functions and levels. These competencies and their measurement thereon, helps arrive at gaps and hence evolve a Personal Development Plan (PDP) including a Training Plan.
  • ZingHR believes that one of the major contributor of the Performance Management Process is to take the Performance level of team members as individuals and hence the organisation as a whole to the next level. The Development Plan and the Training Plan forms a key part of ZingHR offering.

New UX:

ZingHR believes that User Experience (UX) is of utmost importance especially, in an ePMS, as it is a new paradigm for users to adopt an online system, while they may have been more comfortable in filling a physical form. In line with the new UX that has been launched for many modules in ZingHR like Employee Self Service Portal, Leave Management, Time & Attendance, Claims & Expense Management, Employee Dossier; ePMS is being redesigned. You can expect all existing features with a new UX by February 2015.