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HR Management Software

7 Features Your Cloud Based HR Management Software Must Have

Choosing the right HRMS platform is of utmost importance for competitive organizations. It plays a crucial role in automating HR processes, thus ensuring smoother work flow. It must allow the HR/Managers to access workplace and performance insights. ZingHR, lists the key features that an HR Management Software must have – 1) Time and Attendance Management This feature […]

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Your Guide To A Compelling Employee Onboarding Experience

Employee Onboarding is the first of the five key elements of a talent management system. It comes as no surprise what an effective onboarding program can do for your new hires. Furthermore, onboarding offers the best opportunity for improving the employer brand. Why is Employee Onboarding important for your business? Many surveys have highlighted the benefits for […]

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Cloud Human Resource Solution

Transform People Performance with Cloud Human Resource Solution

Businesses are evolving every second. With the advancements in technology, the role of HR is, as a result, undergoing a radical change. Cloud Human Resource Solution is enabling HR to be a Business Partner. In 2017, close to 40% of the 300+ companies surveyed by PwC have moved their core applications to the cloud. One-third […]

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HRMS platform

7 Ways To Enhance Productivity Using HRMS Platform

Driving and enhancing employee productivity is paramount to achieving the business objectives. For organizations across industries, the HR is seeking new ways to engage employees. An HRMS platform is at the forefront to drive this digitally. Online Recruiting: HR management software enables you to recruit from a large pool of talent online. It reaches out […]

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Online HR Software Solution

Employee Management Made Easy with ZingHR’s Online HR Software

Cloud computing is gaining popularity as it is instant, convenient and secure. Cloud based Online HR Software Solution is now a popular requirement for organizations. Since it significantly enhances flexibility. As a result, it increases the ease of managing the modern workforce for the HR professional. Features offered by the Online HR Software Solution: It enables HR […]

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Transforming Human Resources using Artificial Intelligence

Transforming Human Resources using Artificial Intelligence

The age of artificial intelligence is here. With the availability of an enormous amount of data and sophisticated tools that can be driven to make sense of this data, the modern HR is empowered to do far more than just make the right hiring decisions. Artificial Intelligence, when put to work for Human Resource functions, […]

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Know How Recruitment Management Software Is Helpful For HR

5 ways for a healthy work-life balance and maximized productivity

The overall productivity of the company is increased when the employees have a proper work-life balance, that leads them to be more motivated and less stressed at work. Having an ownership of their own lives can help them strike a balance between their professional and personal lives. Having a positive work-life balance allows companies to […]

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Benefits Of HR System For Employees And HR

HR Processes that you need to automate now!

Automation of HR processes helps the human resources department to do their job more efficiently and spend a great amount of effort on tasks such as building strategies to help the organization grow stronger. When automation is implemented an improvement in productivity and profit is seen consecutively. When the staff is able to complete tedious […]

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5 Tips To Choose A Reliable Online HR Software For Small Business

5 Tips to choose a reliable online HR software for small business

HR in small businesses deals with managing spreadsheets, paper forms, employee records and almost everyone can attest to the fact that this practice is chaotic and inefficient for proper streamlining of the work. A HR management system is essential for small businesses to be able to focus on business goals rather than spending too much […]

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Make your recruitment process 90% faster with Machine Learning

6 Amazing ways in which Machine Learning is transforming the HR Industry

Hiring processes automated Intelligent & self-learning systems capable of automating the entire hiring process, right from sourcing and interviewing to candidate on-boarding. Analyze talent before engaging Analysis on the entire candidates’ internet footprint data can be retrieved by Machine Learning algorithms, including social profiles, tweets, projects, papers published, etc. Sift – Rank – Stack Shortlisting […]

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