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Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country located on the eastern edge of the Indochinese Peninsula. Officially known as the Soviet Republic of Vietnam, the country whose capital lies in Hanoi shares its borders with many Asian and Southeast Asian countries. Since the political and economic reforms of the 1980s, the country has enjoyed a stable global economic status and is consistently ranked among the fastest-growing economies of the world. The economic and cultural orientation of Vietnam is more inclined towards Agriculture and Seafood as many major agricultural and fishery products are exported the world over. But with liberalisation and advancement of the economy, the country is strongly foraying into science and technology with research institutes, manufacturing units and other important robotics industries taking their roots in Vietnam. Post the 1980s, the country has also become a centre for tourism and attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year.

Take full control of Your Business Processes

  •   ZingHR is an AI-backed cloud-based autonomous HRMS system that is backed by Microsoft and is one of the best HRMS platforms in existence.
  •   Carrying over 2 decades of rich industry experience, ZingHR, the best enterprise HR software platform asserts dominance in South East Asian, Australian and Middle Eastern markets and boasts of some of the biggest and brightest businesses of the world as its clients.
  •   Zero-touch payroll is a big part of ZingHR’s methodology and a big step forward in payroll tech wherein firms can access always-ready payroll data, compare salary components with ease, get real-time salary projections.
  •   ZingHR helps with overviews to cost monitoring of company resources that let payroll processing be faster, smoother, and more efficient.

Power Through All Your HR Requirements

  •   ZingHR promotes AI integration in HR tools to enable easier access to data and insights along with augmented analytics that automates these insights through machine learning to bring give the most updated throughput for the organisation.
  •   ZingHR uses HRTech innovations like AI skill mapping, gamification and AR/VR technologies to develop self-paced, personalised courses for effective learning and elevating workplace productivity.
  •   As ZingHR is cloud-based, it utilizes its real-time synchronization feature to leverage employee time scheduling and management and helps managers and HRs keep a proper track of leave sanctions and worker balance within the firm so that projects aren’t delayed and deliveries are time-optimum.
  •   With AI integrated system mechanics, shortlisting, robotic interviews, and digital onboarding, ZingHR makes the hiring process a lot smoother.

Expand Your Business with a Sense of Security

  •   ZingHR is an enterprise HRMS system that effectively maps the business to help the firm in maintaining a healthy internal management portfolio.
  •   ZingHR, the best HR software for enterprises and large companies, leans heavily on AI tech and is positive about its very big impact on different industries in the coming future.
  •   To know more, check out our website at or book a free demo by dropping us a line at

Embrace a Precise, Secure and Able Management System

ZingHR is Vietnam’s best cloud HR software solution designed for all kinds of workplace modes and modules.

At ZingHR, we understand the need for security, privacy and a completely reliable management system for businesses. Thus, our software provides the best mix of control, features and integration.

ZingHR brings an all-around solution to all HR functionalities such as hiring, retention, digital onboarding, payroll processing, employee tracking, internal management and more.

ZingHR is highly flexible for businesses of all sizes and domains and is the most ideal solution for your entire HR need.

Fully Integrated HRMS System

  •   A fully functional and integrated HRMS system.
  •   Ensure security and privacy for your data.
  •   Synchronised workflow that is integrated and assimilated in real-time.
  •   Over-the-cloud HR compliance system.
  •   Easy to use with a simplified multi-flow user interface.
  •   Ensure your workflow the blessing of anytime-ready service.
  •   The best cost-to-performance HCM platform.
  •   Access the entire HRMS suite across a range of devices and platforms.

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities


ZingHR is completely cloud-based and has a multi-faceted presence across different cloud platforms which are routinely monitored and optimized to suit the changing needs of our clients. The best HRMS platform in Hobart offers round-the-clock cloud monitoring and AI support for updation and optimization of services.
ZingHR HRMS solution being completely cloud-based is very versatile and easy to use. The best HRMS software platform in Hanoi can be accessed through remote servers which offer multi-platform support and AI-cloud services. All the features are multi-device available and present a foray of mobile applications that other HRMS solutions don’t.
ZingHR is a cloud-based HRMS system that uses an always-updated antivirus system, database security management, and smart cloud-integrated AI to offer the best protection of your data. The best HRMS software in Vietnam gives security and privacy its top priority so that clients can peacefully carry onto their HR management function without getting concerned over data loss.
ZingHR is a cloud-based HRMS software solution that offers multi-platform support for flexibility and ease of use, including mobile and tablet applications. Our servers are well integrated and synced in real-time so that your team can be productive and efficient with fast-moving deliverables and effective communication.
Yes, ZingHR uses powerful cloud technologies and artificial intelligence to power smart report building and visualization of data. The onboard BI tools are efficient enough to collate different datasets with ease for productive tabulation and reports.

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