HR Payroll Software Company In Panchkula

Online HR Payroll Software Company In Panchkula

With the needs of companies growing, HRMS software firms keep themselves up-to-date, no one wants to miss out on a client due to lack of offerings now, do they? Luckily, we at ZingHR, believe in doing more, investing & re-investing our revenue to research & development to bring to you the best HRMS software in Panchkula. In times of work-from-home, these software are there to help & reduce the workload from the HR & helps in making processes easier.

What kind of modules can HRMS offer?

Agile & user-friendly is what we aim to be & we keep working on that aspect. Apart from a million other reasons on why you should choose us as your long-term HRMS partner, here is a gist of modules that we have to offer to you.

  • 1.Onboarding New Employees
  • 2.Conducting Interviews
  • 3.Attendance Management
  • 4.Payroll Management
  • 5.Talent Management
  • 6.Training & Learning
  • 7.Employee Hierarchy Management
  • 8.Appraisals & Compensation & on goes the list.

While we compete to be the best, we do not compromise on data privacy. We are a cloud-based platform that is GDPR compliant. Hence, there is no need to worry about data breaches. A software that meticulously combines all HR processes to a smoother flow & achieving business targets while also improving employee performance. Should enterprises of Panchkula take up this offer? We’d say, why not?

Catering to various verticals & all sizes of companies, from a start-up to large enterprises, we at ZingHR give equal importance to both & help understand needs better. HRMS plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of different HR functions, for one:

Payroll Management

HRMS can effectively manage the payroll of all the employees in a firm. With everything modernizing, payroll management is not just limited to the payment of salary. It includes a range of other tasks that helps with the compensation processes such as – salary pay outs, tax deductions, leave encashments & so on.

HRMS streamlines these processes, reducing the chances of human errors & malpractices while collating the data. It is of the utmost importance for any business in Panchkula to have the best payroll services to keep away from any downfall of the company. Whether it is to integrate or to have the whole solution, we make sure to provide it all.

Call us now to help you understand the various tasks that we can enable you to automate and also save on costs in a significant manner.

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities


As much as we rely on humans to get work done, there is always a higher percentage of error on tasks done by an overworked HR than an AI. Providing a safe space to store employee data, this system can make functions easier, from onboarding employees to the time they part away, everything is taken care of by the HRMS solution. To have the best HRMS software implemented in your company, call us at 1800-233-6504 or you can mail us at
Zing HR brings to you some of the best HR software in Panchkula. Our HR software is equipped with a modern interface & state-of-the-art features. Our HR software can impeccably handle all the routine HR activities with utmost precision & accuracy.
With an experience of over 2 decades, ZingHR has constantly worked on their payroll services. From providing an intuitive dashboard & integrated with Satellite-based ERP systems, we are among one of the best payroll processing firms in the business.
Yes, it is extremely easy to set up & running, such systems not only improve the efficiency & productivity of your business but also lay the fundamentals of organizational change. To see how the best HRMS solution in Panchkula works, contact us now!
Yes, absolutely. Implement one of the best HRMS software in Panchkula that comes with affordable pricing plans & also it can be customisable based on the needs of the business. To get the pricing, call us at 1800-233-6504 or you can mail us at

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