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The Best HRTech Start-Up in Nagpure

Despite being a two-decade old company, why do we call ourselves a start-up is what you must be wondering. Catering payroll services to we initially began as & as the digitalization rapidly increased ZingHR decided to form providing solutions to all HR needs. Making it easier for employees to navigate through & the management to focus on important tasks at hand. ZingHR hopes to be a company’s HR technology partner with the knowledge & depth of a large enterprise driven by innovation & agility of a start-up.

ZingHR provides a helping hand to organizations to go beyond automation, & deliver a solution that could directly impact business outcomes & enhance employee experience. ZingHR aims for an employee-centric & mobile-first approach.

What are the different modules we offer?

Hire to retire, everything from onboarding an employee to their exit is managed by the software. A cloud-based software that keeps all data stored & secured in its database. To name a few modules that we have to offer:

  • 1.Talent Acquisition
  • 2.ESS (Employee Self-Service), Social, & MSS (Actions Manager Self-Service) Management
  • 3.Digital On-Boarding
  • 4.Talent & Performance Management
  • 5.Time & Leave Management
  • 6.Learning Management
  • 7.Travel & Expense Management
  • 8.E-Separation Management
  • 9.Payroll Management
  • 10.Lifecycle Events Management

Mastering the innovation segment, we compete to be among the best HRMS solutions in Nagpur there is to offer. The best Cloud HCM in India takes care of important aspects of your business. This includes the time they are spending in the office, the leaves they are taking, and their overall attendance records. They come with intuitive dashboards that make it easier for you to recruit the best talent.

How can your company manage work efficiently?

Your future is shaped by what you do today & not tomorrow. If you are, a progressive fast-growing company ZingHR’s online time & attendance software will count & manage every second of your valuable time. The software will award every precious movement dedicated by your employee towards the growth of your firm. What better way to build motivation & productivity of your employees?

Redefining the Performance Management Systems of your firm

The PMS module is designed to create a high-performance work culture which promotes learning & development of employees. Experience ease in planning, monitoring, & evaluating your employees’ performance with ZingHR’s web-based Performance Management & Appraisal system. Establish parameters, encourage better productivity, & help employees achieve the highest satisfaction at work.

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Our HR software will take care of all the following activities


As much as we rely on humans to get work done, there is always a higher percentage of error on tasks done by an overworked HR than an AI. Providing a safe space to store employee data, this system can make functions easier, from onboarding employees to the time they part away, everything is taken care of by the HRMS solution. To have the best HRMS software implemented in your company, call us at 1800-233-6504 or you can mail us at
Zing HR brings to you some of the best HR software in Nagpur. Our HR software is equipped with a modern interface & state-of-the-art features. Our HR software can impeccably handle all the routine HR activities with utmost precision & accuracy.
Designed to create a high-performance work culture which promotes learning & development of employees, ZingHR’s web-based Performance Management & Appraisal system establishes parameters, encourages better productivity, & helps employees achieve the highest satisfaction at work.
Yes, it is extremely easy to set up & running, such systems not only improve the efficiency & productivity of your business but also lay the fundamentals of organizational change. To see how the best HRMS solution in Nagpur works, contact us now!
Yes, absolutely. Implement one of the best HRMS software in Nagpur that comes with affordable pricing plans & also it can be customisable based on the needs of the business. To get the pricing, call us at 1800-233-6504 or you can mail us at

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