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HR Outsourcing Made Easy with ZingHR

Payroll has always been a major concern for most organizations. The performance of employees is accountable for the profits gained by the company. So, choosing the right candidates is crucial. To make HR life a tad bit simple ZingHR brings you the best HR software in Australia

Why go for HR Outsourcing?

Payroll management can be a tedious affair where recruiting people with the correct skill sets requires both time and energy. But you can choose to do otherwise with HR outsourcing. By HR outsourcing you can avail the following benefits: 

  • Save time and resources.
  • Save office space required to maintain an HR department.
  • It will help to mitigate legal risks.
  • Efficient employ management.

With payroll outsourcing, get to take the burden off your shoulders. ZingHR payroll outsourcing has all the necessary tools that help companies to recruit only the best-suited candidates for your company. 

What does HR Management Software have to offer?

With digitalization in place, avail HRM systems that are smooth and efficient. Get to manage employee onboarding and also assess their performance. ZingHR gives you the most secure HR solutions. Our key feature includes:

  • Fast and easy implementation. 
  • Access to people databases across multiple locations.
  • Safe and secure mode of employee onboarding.

As more and more companies avail payroll outsourcing, ZingHr is the name that you should consider. Our company specializes in providing the best HR solutions in Australia. Having built a team with profound knowledge in their respective domains, be sure to receive the best service. Our prime focus has always been accuracy and sourcing only the best-matched employees. 

ZingHR: Your One-Stop Cloud Payroll Management Software

Let’s face it, we all know the complications that surround payroll management. There are many factors and huge calculations involved in payroll recruitment. Avail hassle-free payroll management with state-of-the-art payroll management software. 

Identifying people with the correct skill sets are of key essence to maintain a healthy business. Apart from identifying the correct talents, our software will help your organization to run a smooth payroll process. ZingHR is one of the leading cloud performance management software in Sydney, Australia

  • Talent Acquisition

Your all-in-one e-recruitment drive. ZIngHR provides all the right tools to make your payroll process seamless. From having an intuitive dashboard to a system backed by the latest technology, our online payroll system is one of the best in Australia

  • Digital Onboarding

Make your hiring quick and structured. Create a digital workplace with our payroll management software. From conducting E-meetings and offering digital job letters to structuring and scheduling the salaries of employees, ZingHR is your one-stop-shop. 

  • Create an Engaging Environment for the Employees

Empower and engage the employees through a centralized system. With ZingHR, employees as well as employers are free to monitor their attendance and performance levels. Applying for leaves, access to payslips or to raise queries has been made easier with ZIngHR. 

  • Travel Leaves and Transparent Claim Management

Claim request processing delay is a thing in the past. With a fast-paced and transparent claiming system, employers can make sure of employee satisfaction. Regulate and maintain a transparent claim system. Get to fix the eligibility amount and also set up a transparent approval process making its tracking simple, easy, and fast. 

  • Better and On-Time Compliance Policy

ZingHr HRM system can perform 500+ computation in less than a minute. Mitigate legal risks and get to pay the tax compliance in time. Also, get to access banks and configure loans and advances. 

  • Talent Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of employees has been made easy with the best talent management application in Australia. Get to create benchmarks to encourage enhanced employee productivity. From planning the training process to sending out customized appraisal letters, all can be done with ZingHR performance management software. 

  • Ease with Mobile Learning

Create and conduct mobile learning to build a taskforce you need. The ability to personalize dashboards and monitor employee training attendance increases your team’s competency. 

  • Ease of Employee Separation

Make the employee offboarding process hassle-free. From generating an online request for resignation to clearing off any dues, ZingHR makes the offboarding process smooth. 

Whether you are a small business or a large scale enterprise in Australia, avail ZingHR’s payroll management software to make the process compliant and accurate. 

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities


The payroll system in Australia is quite systematic and hassle-free. Many large companies use advanced payroll system software in Australia to manage their payroll computation and calculation. Zing HR offers you some of the best and advanced payroll system software that can meticulously manage the payroll system and ensure smooth functioning of the payroll processing.
Payroll management services include keeping track of financial records, time, attendance, salaries, incentives, bonus, leave, and deductions. Zing HR is one of the leading providers of efficient software for payroll management in Australia. Our software makes payroll processing simplified and systematic.
The payroll tax rate in Australia is 4.75% however; this percentage may vary depending upon the type of work, nature of employment, and much more. Professional payroll systems in Australia manage payroll calculation and computing. Zing HR introduces an array of software that is specifically designed to meet the varied requirements of companies.
The time and attendance software in Australia is usually called payroll software. It includes all the vital features to manage time, attendance, leave, overtime, working hours, employee data, and much more. Zing HR has some of the best payroll and attendance software to compute and calculate payrolls.
Several workforce management software in Australia is used to manage an array of workforce-related activities. This software is embedded with modern features and an easy interface to efficiently manage human resources. Zing HR has a plethora of employee management systems and tools to organize employee engagement.
Zing Hr has some of the best recruitment software in Australia equipped with the latest features and analytical tools. Our software has an advanced recruitment system to enable talent acquisition from a multitude of sources. The software enables one to curate the right profiles and aids in job designing too.
HR cloud technology enables one to manage human resource activities. HR cloud technology has created a cult in itself by cumulating employee records together. The HR cloud solutions in Australia are popular for trackable, actionable, retrievable metrics that ensure efficient management of human resources. Zing HR leverages the advantage of HR cloud technology and offers advanced HR cloud solutions to streamline Hr processes and activities.

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