How Will the Role of An HR Head Evolve In 2021?

HR Head Evolve

Building skills of employees & being people-centric will always top the list of an HR no matter how far advanced we get but what most we must be looking forward to is how an organization can be redesigned to suit the company’s needs.


A recent survey of more than 800 HR leaders shows that although many expect their organizations to focus on growth in 2021, cost optimization features & improving operational excellence remains on top of the pyramid. To support these & other business priorities, 68% of HR leaders say they will be building critical skills & competencies, an objective that has topped the priorities of HR leaders for three consecutive years.

With the pandemic still hovering over us, after a major downfall, companies are still trying to get their way back up & like the function of business states, all businesses are now focused on optimum utilization of resources & hence the switch to HR tech.

We’ll help you list down prioritizes that you can take action on.


  • Building skills

A study from the Garner Group suggests that one-third or more of HR leaders agree the major challenges include their lack of understanding of current skill gaps & being unable to integrate learning effectively into employee workflows.

With everything getting updated, traditional ways of training are now long gone. The requirement of a new skill is constant & increasing with every year that passes by. Now the HR must understand & analyse better ways to help each employee earn a new skill. HRMS software comes into play here since various modules can be inculcated & learning can be made fun, through quizzes etc.


  • Redesigning your organization

A need of the hour for all organizations. All firms now need to get their goals aligned while also being cost-efficient. Gartner research shows that only 19% of HR leaders report that their workforce can effectively change direction based on changing needs or priorities. Less than 40% believe employees can effectively detect when they are working on the right things for customers.

While redesigning the HR must not only prioritize the company’s goals but also make sure to appreciate their employees while they are at it since they are the backbone of the company. An HRMS software will keep in track the performance of each employee & also help get them recognized. Cost-efficient much?


  • Focusing on leadership

During times of change, it is the leadership that must show that they’re strong enough to support their employees. If leadership fails, the company comes down falling. Many employees are of the belief that leaders tend to take drastic steps without involving the team which can bring trouble to the HR.

The role of the HR here is to create a safe space, hire the right talent & ensure no bias. Building a diverse group is what will be required since every employee brings in a new perspective into achieving a target.


Covid-19 has had a negative effect not only on the economy but almost all the industries and households. Yes, there will be post Covid-19 effects but it is not something we cannot fight. With the right strategy and right state of mind, we can survive the effects and come out stronger.

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