Improving employee productivity and fostering a culture of engagement among employees are key focus areas for organizations. Since it impacts and leads to achieving organizational objectives. Hence, the success of any company lies in the overall individual performance management.

The digital disruption & the ever evolving market demand has increased complexities in organizations. The functions of the HR department has, over the years, become increasingly significant to achieve organizational success. It is not just limited to finding the right employee, but to also nurture and retain the best talent in the organization.

In these competitive times, how can the HR head leverage technology to ensure maximum employee satisfaction and keep the employees engaged and driven?

This is where HR technology offers a clear benefit to organizations. The advantage that HR technology provides is effective tracking of employees’ performance and measuring their progress within the organization.

3 ways in which a performance management software can help track your company’s growth are:

Spotting The Weak Zones

Doing anything you can to help notice or spot employees’ weaknesses and strengths is something that will no doubt translate to overall success or improved productivity at the end of the day. But the big question is how can you get this done? While there are traditional ways of taking care of this, nevertheless, a more efficient way of handling this would be for you to take advantage of the performance management systems.

Analyze and understand the reports generated by the software and improve employees’ performance.

Access and Analyze Data

There is nothing as powerful as going through past data. Records taken in the past can help direct you on how to improve the performance of your employees. This would, however, be difficult when you try to pull this data from hard copied files. This is another area where the use of online performance management will prove to be very useful.

With the performance management system, all you need to do is click a button and the system pulls up data stored in its database, showing you all the performance of the selected employee. The system also suggests various steps to improve the performance of the employee.

Simplified Performance Management

The modern day performance management software simplifies the process, making it seem effortless. It is intuitive, completely user-friendly, and does not need any past knowledge to operate. It helps align the employees with the organizational objectives and keeps them driven.

Employee performance is key to the overall success of any organization. This is why many companies are now adopting the performance management software to analyze, understand employee strengths and weakness and maximize the efficiency of their workforce.


The relation between happy employees and higher benefits is very much archived, with a few studies demonstrating that general satisfaction can support worker efficiency by 10%.

Here are 9 things that ought to be a piece of your employee engagement strategy; you can also keep a record of these activities in the human resource software.

1. Flex Time

The times of punching a clock period are over, and development-oriented organizations realize that vicinity does not measure up to execution. What makes a difference is completing the work and meeting your goals. A few individuals work better late around evening time, or early in the morning, and giving them that adaptability to do as such can be a noteworthy help to their bliss and your organization’s profitability.

 2. Working from home

In that same work/life parity overview, about 40% of respondents said remote work was an essential craving for enhancing fulfillment, positioning second behind an adaptable timetable. Again, this comes down to trust. Give them the adaptability to telecommute when required, or even on a regular schedule like on each Friday or Monday.

3. In-office exercises

Start-up society has gotten the notoriety for pool tables in the workplace and free lager Fridays, keeping in mind those are certainly some fun advantages, they aren’t fitting for each business or each worker.

4. Lift relationship bans

But in case, employees who get to know one another outside of the workplace will probably examine work difficulties and conceivable arrangements perhaps DO cooperate, boosting general hierarchical profitability. So lift those bans.

5. Give them a voice

Giving your workers an instrument to voice their worries, thoughts, and recommendations can go far toward maintaining a strategic distance from strife, making your staff feel esteemed and put resources into the organization’s prosperity.

6. React

Obviously, giving your workers a voice is disputable in case you’re not tuning in. The Correspondence is a two-way road, and in business, it ought to be a three-way discussion:

  • administration to workers
  • workers to administration
  • representatives to workers

 7. Set objectives

Representatives feel more spurred to put forth a valiant effort when they have a feeling that they’re progressing in the direction of a target.

8. Escape their direction

You’ve enlisted these extraordinary people to carry out work in light of the fact that they have the right stuff and the ability to do as such, so give them a chance to do it. Give them some breathing space to give their ability and imagination something to do. They’ll be more content, and you’ll have more opportunity to complete your own work, as well, rather than squandering it examining your group’s each move.

 9. Fix broken procedures

Beside shocking supervisor’s, absence of or broken procedures are a noteworthy agony for workers, sapping their spirit and profitability.

Use all these strategies and then measure the performance of your employees by using the performance management software and see the change by yourself.


In the course of running a business, while being able to advance the business and products may be essential, it is also important to know one’s own strengths and weaknesses. In a commercial venture the strength and weaknesses of the business lie in the abilities and the shortcomings of the employees. This goes to imply that the strengths of the employees become a strong factor for the growth of the business, which is why it is essential to make sure that the strong points of the employees are identified with the help of a performance management software and worked upon to polish them and make them more efficient in their job, in turn positively affecting the performance of the venture. In order to be able to help the positives of employees work for the company, one must learn to evaluate the performance and the strong points of the employees.

The best way to be able to identify the good performance of employees is to make sure that the actions and the initiatives of team members are noted down and escalated to the right authorities. This is the most effective way to gain knowledge about how the employees are faring in their job. Giving pilot projects or sample tasks to the employees is another way of testing their attitude towards their job and the way in which they respond to demands of situations. The use of employee performance management software is also one way to make sure that the details of employees performance are taken to note and referred to when the need arises. The results or the outcome of the efforts also speak volumes about the way in which they persevere to perform at their job, this implies that checking the achieving of targets and the kind of initiatives that the employees take is one way of knowing the extent to which a particular employee has been performing.

Being aware about the performance of employees working for a system is very important for the growth and the well-being of the business, because staff that works hard, creates a marvellous company.


The working of a business organization and the success of the venture depends majorly on how the people hired for work in the organization are performing. When the performance of the staff is impeccable, the company is destined to touch new heights, however, the intervention and management system of the HR staff also greatly influences the way in which the performance is gauged, analyzed and projected. This is one of the reasons why a performance management software becomes an essential tool in the working of a business.

In the process of checking the growth, progress and success ratio of the staff of a company, one must be able to use the right methods so that the actions and initiatives of the people do not go unnoticed and people are rewarded or corrected at the precise moment.

There are 5 main ways in which a good evaluation of performance of employees may be made.

Open communication

Having an interactive and involved style of working, helps in keeping open communication among senior and junior members of a team. When the team members discuss and communicate the performance and initiatives of the staff automatically come to light.

Regular review meetings

Having regular review meetings is another effective method to gauge the ways in which the employees are performing in an organization. Listing out all the data related to performance and initiatives of employees on an employee performance management software is also a fool proof way to make an evaluation.

Peer reviews

Peer reviews in the organization and taking opinions of each staff also contributes greatly to the goal of getting a perfect performance evaluation of each employee.

Realistic performance view

Finally, the numbers speak, which is why the growth in business or the lack of it must be checked regularly to get a true picture of how the employee or employees have been performing. Having the right means and resources to get a grip on performance of employees is a direct route to achieving success in business, which is why it is important to have a realistic view of how the employees have been faring at their job.


Employee Performance Management Software Benefits


In the process of growth of a business, there are different sorts of employees that need to be dealt with. Some employees are those that hold extraordinary talent and potential and work with complete sincerity with the greater good of the business on their mind. On the other hand there are employees that need prodding and encouragement to be able to bloom into the potential that they were hired with.

However, with a constant time crunch and the looming need to expand businesses, a lot employees are neglected and eventually the abilities and the enthusiasm of the employees fades out. In such cases, it is important to track employee performance and give each employee their due in terms of acknowledgment as well as special levies. The most convenient and fool proof way of achieving this is in the form of employee performance management software.

The software helps in identifying and taking note of special initiative and talents of an employee, which may then be used in filling spaces in the higher levels of the company, giving opportunity to the present employees for promotions and hikes. When a software is being chosen for the performance management of employees in a company, a few standard questions must be asked by the buyers so that the investment in the software is a safe one. The most important factor is whether the software is customizable according to the special needs and requirements of the business, this feature helps in making the performance management software a more resourceful investment for the company. It must also be ensured that the software contributes to the awareness of the employees about their responsibilities and their career path in the company. The software must act as a tool for the advancement and expansion of the company’s business processes. It is also important to find out whether the software measures up to the existing IT systems of the company to ensure the smooth working of symbiotic IT processes. Finally, one must ask about the time that the implementation process takes.

When all the questions pertaining to the performance software are answered with a satisfactory reply, it may be assumed that the software is perfect for use in the current setting of a company and one may be able to safely invest in the suite.

When your requirement is for a one stop solution for performance management software, trust the solutions from ZingHR and take your business to new levels of success.