Cloud computing is gaining popularity as it is instant, convenient and secure. Cloud based Online HR Software Solution is now a popular requirement for organizations. Since it significantly enhances flexibility. As a result, it increases the ease of managing the modern workforce for the HR professional.

Features offered by the Online HR Software Solution:

  • It enables HR to manage the organization’s employee database from anywhere in the world
  • The leave management system helps track employee availability on any particular day
  • Complete employee attendance details are saved in one place with high accuracy. This data can furthermore be pushed to process payroll
  • Creation of new employees records for is now easy with the new employee creation feature
  • Track the attendance of an employee, real-time, with the Time and Attendance module
  • In addition, instantly check and approve reimbursements and claims of employees online

Key benefits offered by ZingHR’s Online HR Software Solution:

  • Better Accessibility
  • Speed of operation
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Automatic Updates
  • No maintenance required

Choose a package as per your requirements:

Explore power packed, next gen features designed for easy integration and quick implementation. Hence, streamline every HR function on the cloud. Achieve over 80% automation, while you turbo charge your organization.

Time taken to experience this automated software :

If your complete set of rules and HR data is available, you can get the software ready up and running within just 7 days. It is that simple!

So, choose your plan, learn the benefits, provide your company details and get started. Get complete training on how to use the online HR software. Therefore, increasing employee productivity.

The HR team plays an important role in motivating employees to achieve their goals. Also, automating this task is the right step towards organizational growth. Increase people performance. Consequently, enhance EBITDA margins for your business with ZingHR Online HR Software Solution.


Companies are competing in the times of rapidly changing market conditions. Aggressive technological innovations has made it crucial for companies adopt Employee Management System. An organization’s workforce is its backbone. And so it is critical to eliminate manual errors that can occur in managing the workforce.

Companies are using smart software solutions to simplify their day to day tasks. And slowly shifting towards more sophisticated softwares. Due to which they are able to manage payroll, employee leaves and other complex human resource processes intelligently. The corporate sector especially in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai are implementing employee management systems.

While automation is slowly becoming the norm and completely changing the way business is done, an employee management system is a must have for your business.

Listing down 5 benefits of using the Employee Management System:

1. Monitor workforce and project progress:

To begin with, an employee management system lets you keep track of employee’s work location, hours and the work done. This allows you to stay updated about the performance of your employee. It gives you the advantage of dealing with issues on an immediate basis. This information allows you to evaluating an employee’s performance. Also, helps you to make informed and better decisions. Businesses with remote workforce can benefit a lot with such systems.

2. Optimizing Workload:

Delegate tasks to your employees on the basis of their core strengths. Integrate your employee management software with other project organizing softwares. Simultaneously, keep track of their progress on the tasks. Check their performance on various projects, analyze the time spent on each project. Digitize other manual tasks, like invoicing, time sheet generation etc. Finally, spend the time you save, on working towards business growth.

3. Data Security:

One of the most beneficial aspects of an employee management system is data security. Hence, now prevent complex situations by storing your data in the system. Protect it against data theft or loss. Choose data access restriction to only a select few roles in the management. As a result, security of the data is ensured on cloud.

4. Improved Communication:

An employee management software facilitates you with an internal communication system. Therefore making it easier to share information instantly with your colleagues. This also makes it easier for the HR team to reach out to all employees in a single go.

5. Work Flexibility:

Furthermore, having an employee management system, lets you work as per your convenience. Employees can access information through the employee management system from any remote location. The only thing required is an internet connection. Since it is cloud based, it gives you the flexibility to stay ahead in your tasks and collaborate on the go.


The various HR duties together can become quite humongous at times, but they can be efficiently performed with the help of human resource management system software application. This software combines various human resource or HR functions in one single package. These help in performing tasks/functions like recruitment, training, benefits, payroll, administration, performance analysis, review, etc. Today there are many reputed companies that provide HR management system software solutions that are made to perfectly suit the business needs of their customers, right from a small start-up to large scale enterprises.

Human resource basically helps in the management of employees or people in any organization and mainly focuses on its system and policies. It’s designed to fulfill the strategic objectives of the employer by maximizing the performance of employees. Motivation happens to be among the key factors that can maximize the performance of one’s team. So, in addition to the human resource management system software, the following HR tips can help managers in successfully fulfilling their duties by motivating the teams:

  • Reward and recognition: Employee rewards, if included in the main human resource policy, can greatly motivate the team members to work harder and help the HR managers in achieving their departmental goals. Various employee recognition programs and monetary bonuses as rewards can make employees take more interest in work and perform better.
  • Showing interest in new employees: Buddy programs and/or interesting orientation programs, right from the first day for the newly hired employees, is the best way to show them that the company is wilfully investing in them for their growth. Online training plus documents are a must for educating and helping them in understanding the company, its brand and products.
  • Additional skills: Continuous improvements by improving the staff should be one of the main HR strategies for the development of the workforce. Things like online soft skills programs and management development programs can be very helpful for the employees. Also, development tools like financial assistance for employees who wish to pursue higher education or get further training for improving job skills can eventually prove to be beneficial for the company itself.
  • Individual development plans and tasks: Individual development plans for each employee can motivate them in gaining soft skills. Providing challenging tasks that are slightly above their individual skill levels is also a healthy way to challenge learners without making things too difficult for them.
  • Being there for the team: During a crisis working side-by-side with the team can be a great example for those who are looking forward to become managers or get promoted to the next levels. Role models and mentoring here play a very important part and can result in higher rates of internal progression.