Emerging tech in HR in 2022

Emerging tech in HR in 2022

The pandemic has brought quite a shift into all the industries, 2020 can also be described as a year of rapid transformation. Now, how has all of this affected the world of HR you must be wondering. An HR has always known to be people-centric & with the pandemic, so much changed & that’s when the evolution of HR tech started. The change of HR in every organization was a necessary evil. If they don’t adapt, they fall in terms of productivity, meeting targets & having a good workplace environment.

The main goal of every organization is to meet targets & keep their clients as well as their employees happy. With the change that was so fast approached it has proved to help organizations in recognizing gaps & understanding the performance of each employee. HR tech has proved to reduce the administrative workload on managers & help them focus on what is really on their plate.

A research study by Gartner Group says, “By 2022, 50% of large enterprises will have invested in a major initiative to improve their manager experience by automating multiple work-related HCM tasks.”

Major changes will be brought to the following modules in the coming years i.e., administrative HR, talent acquisition, workforce management & integrated HR service management. The reason that these modules would be mainly focused on is that they will not only avoid piling up of work but also find the perfect fit for the assigned role.

Let us help you understand a few HR technology trends that will grow in 2021 & continue to do so in the coming year, 2022.

No-Contact Hiring

Yes, like how the pandemic made no-contact delivery possible it made hiring contactless too. With AI reaching new heights we can now conduct robotic interviews wherein a person’s emotions can be read through AI. Emotion AI is a tool that will help eradicate interviewer biases & help largely in the screening processes. This will help take the burden of reading through 1000 applications in a day & find you the perfect match within no time.

Another research study by Gartner suggests, “By 2022, 35% of organizations will utilize conversational user experience and natural language processing interactions in their talent acquisition.”

Digital Tracking

Whether wanting to know where your employees are operating from to tracking their performance. It all can now be done through HRMS software. Since the pandemic, working from home has been the only other alternative, unlike before managers do not have direct control over their subordinates because of which tracking their performance has been a task. Performance Management will help the senior level management to set goals & also help them track the progress of their employees.

There are & will be many changes in the functioning of an organization while the pandemic lasts. To take it as an opportunity to grow or stay on the downfall by sticking to the traditional route is now a decision company must make.

Covid-19 has had a negative effect not only on the economy but almost all the industries and households. Yes, there will be post Covid-19 effects but it is not something we cannot fight. With the right strategy and right state of mind, we can survive the effects and come out stronger.

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