10 Best OKR Software in 2024

Want to set moonshot goals that align with your organization but are worried about how to set them in the first place? We suggest you get an OKR software for your organization and to help you choose one we’ve listed 10 OKR software options to help you choose one. But first, let’s understand what an OKR software is.

What is OKR Software?

An OKR (objective and key results) software helps users set company goals and business objectives, plan a data-driven strategy for progress, and motivate teams to measure success. It is employed to develop the first plan of action and monitor OKR advancement for every goal in question.

10 Best OKR Software For Your Business of 2024

Now, let’s check out the 10 best OKR software platforms of 2024 that can help you accelerate business outcomes and unlock the true potential of your employees. 

  1. ZingHR

Best integrated HR and OKR platform for joint goal setting with measurable results 

G2 Rating: 4.1 / 5 ⭐

ZingHR is an industry-leading comprehensive HR management platform with a full suite of solutions for various core HR functions, such as recruitment, talent management, workforce productivity, employee engagement, HR reporting, and more. It is cloud-based and mobile-first, which makes it the ideal option for businesses of every size looking for an HR services software that is easily accessible on the go and user-friendly for beginners. 

Here are some of its features:

  • Joint Goal Setting: for teams based on employee roles and individual competencies
  • Bell Curve Appraisal System: for linking employee performance to rewards and recognition initiatives and identifying low performers for upskilling programs
  • 360-Degree Feedback: for monitoring and evaluating actual vs. targeted performance and defining corrective measures to optimize performance (if required)
  • OKR Setting and Tracking: to enable collaborative effort amongst various departments, uniting them to create alignment and bring in engagement around measurable goals.

Besides these, you can also help your employees upskill with the various LMS and PMS tools offered by ZingHR. Moreover, businesses may also outline critical roles and plans within the organization and choose candidates for succession planning to keep the organization functioning smoothly during transitions.  

As mentioned above, ZingHR has four more core modules in addition to the talent management module. These include:

  • HR Ground Zero: Provides a framework for streamlining fundamental HR operations, like organizational setup, report creation, and standard analytics.
  • Employee Engagement: Assists companies in creating alignment for employee retention, identifying cooperative networks, involving staff members in extracurricular activities, and even conducting sentiment survey analyses.
  • Talent Acquisition: Helps develop a methodical onboarding procedure that includes functions like AI/ML screening, multi-mode recruitment, robotic video interviews, and planning and budgeting for human resources.
  • Workforce Productivity: Comes with features like employee shift scheduling, attendance and leave management, zero-touch payroll, and facial recognition for precise time clocking to increase worker efficiency. 

Why Choose ZingHR?

ZingHR has helped over 1000+ customers worldwide streamline their end-to-end HR operations with innovative solutions that have increased their workforce efficiency by leagues. It is an adaptable HR management system suitable across industries like manufacturing, BFSI, retail-QSR, staffing, pharmaceutical, and more. ZingHR offers 35 HR modules in 26+ languages and provides flexibility in customizing features that serve your organization’s exact needs. 

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  1. Darwinbox

Best OKR platform for dynamic goal planning for outcome-driven performance

Darwinbox is a comprehensive HR management solution that comes with a powerful OKR management feature for enterprises. This feature helps increase focus across teams and the entire organization, maximize business outcomes through real-time progress tracking, and promote transparency with flexible goal status options.

  1. Synergita

Best OKR software for top-down and bottom-up alignment models to drive unified, progressive, and result-driven teams.

Synergita is a robust OKR management platform that converts actionable insights into objectives, delivers key results, and helps your workforce achieve alignment and overall organizational clarity and transparency that promotes a culture of progress.

  1. PeopleStrong

Best OKR solution providing employee-centric reviews designed to capture real performance

PeopleStrong is an industry-leading human capital management SaaS platform that helps HR teams across APAC streamline core HR functions like recruitment, talent management, payroll, and workforce planning for their organizations. It comes with a robust OKR and performance management module that accelerates business outcomes with simplified goals and OKRs.

  1. Quandle

Best OKR management platform for keeping track of individual and collective performancesQuandle is a comprehensive HR management software solution that comes with a robust OKR tool that offers dedicated features for setting, discussing, tracking, and measuring goals and achievements in startups, SMBs, and enterprises.

  1. PeopleBox

Best enterprise-grade OKR platform for beginners

Peoplebox is an industry-leading OKR and performance management that helps hyper-growth startups turn their strategies into exceptional results faster with a single place to align, track, and review strategic priorities, cross-aligned goals & initiatives automatically in real-time.

  1. Weekdone

Best OKR software for the visualization of weekly goals in line with long-term business objectives

Weekdone is an OKR solution that enables its users to communicate strategy, set structured goals, align teams and people across your organization, and engage your employees to work toward a common goal with unified direction. 

  1. Keka HR

Best OKR solution to connect traditional goals to a hierarchy-based modern goal management system

Keka HR is a comprehensive HR management system with a robust OKR platform that lets you set traditional goals and define a modern top-down goal-setting approach with its goal management system. 

  1. Betterworks

Best enterprise OKR management software

Betterworks is an enterprise-grade OKR management software that fills the gap between strategy, people, and outcomes, giving you the ability to concentrate and coordinate your team to push the most important goals for the company.

  1. Leapsome

Best-in-class OKR software for people enablement and driving high-potential business outcomes 

Leapsome is a comprehensive OKR platform that enables key stakeholders within an organization to track and collaborate on business goals and OKRs at all levels to propel progress and promote crystal-clear alignment and transparency.

What Should You Look For in an OKR Software?

Choosing the right OKR software for your business is essential to ensure positive business results, which is why you should go through this list of some key functionalities that the OKR solution you choose must possess:

  • Goal Mapping: for setting clear objectives for individuals and teams that directly align with the overall organizational goals for driving business success.
  • Progress Tracking: for monitoring the objectives and key results of business initiatives in real-time and updating them for goal alignment and achievement.
  • Feedback Reviews: to promote a culture of continuous improvement using feedback mechanisms like 360-degree feedback, employee pulse surveys, weekly check-ins, and sentiment analysis tools.
  • Notifications and Reminders: to keep all key stakeholders updated about their respective responsibilities toward achieving OKRs and any changes made in the timelines for tasks and projects.
  • Software Integrations: to integrate employee and performance management with other core HR functions like recruitment, payroll, employee engagement, information management, and more.