Businesses are evolving every second. With the advancements in technology, the role of HR is, as a result, undergoing a radical change. Cloud Human Resource Solution is enabling HR to be a Business Partner.

In 2017, close to 40% of the 300+ companies surveyed by PwC have moved their core applications to the cloud. One-third of the rest are currently planning their migration. Among on-premise core HR application users, as much as one-third are to adopt cloud in the next 12–18 months. Especially relevant top motivating factors: Software innovation, quick releases (70%), less IT dependency (50%). [Source: PwC HR Technology Survey, August 2017].

The new age HR is prioritizing efficiency in processes. This, consequently helps drive business outcomes. HR has to embrace tech to enhance employee productivity and drive high performance. Irrespective of the organization size, Cloud Human Resource Solution can transform people performance.


Organizations opt for cloud based HR systems because it helps bridge the process efficiency gap. Therefore, there is a direct link between cloud implementation and the use of self-service tools. The surveyed companies reported as much as 52% increase in employee usage, and 47% increase in managers using self-service tools – PwC.

There are no restraints in terms of – data, technology, resources or time. Hence, Cloud Human Resource Solution has made it easier for companies to be more efficient.

4 key benefits of ZingHR’s Cloud Human Resource Solution for businesses:

1. Increased Efficiency:

While talent competitiveness increases, HR services need to be more effective and instantaneous. Advanced HR technology can drive talent acquisition, digital engagement, training, retention etc. effectively. Increased efficiency, furthermore, pushes organizations to scale up. It prepares organizations for challenges.

2. Employee Engagement and Collaboration:

The digital world has made collaboration and communication easier and faster for employees. Positive environment and high employee satisfaction is important for high workplace productivity. Features like collaboration tools (chats, workplace social) lets employees work on the move. The self service portal lets employees update their data, apply for leaves and do a lot more. Hence, the entire solution simplified, and in one place, helps to keep the workforce engaged.

3. Critical Decisions made with ease:

Managers have to make critical decisions with a strong focus on the long term business goals. The HR cloud software provides a holistic view of the workforce on a single platform. Therefore, managers and business owners get real-time insights to take the right decisions. Cloud based HR systems present the analysis in the form of dashboards, reports and charts.

4. Fosters flexibility and scalability:

Using multiple tools for various HR tasks makes data compiling a tedious process. Cloud Human Resource Solution, therefore, fosters flexibility and scalability. It is a unified solution that reduces data compiling time and efforts. It can be integrated with tools best suited for an organization. Cloud based HR therefore, drives people performance and improves business outcomes.


A lot is usually expected from the human resource department of any company in recent times. As a matter of fact, the level at which employees succeed at their assigned tasks has a lot to do with how they are being managed. And employee management is the sole responsibility of the human resource department. To get this right, you must make sure you have the right Cloud HCM tools. It’s a whole new world out there as far as human resource is concerned.

This post will be helping you understand how today’s HR management tools has become essential in the success plan of any company.

The entire HR Package

There is still this group of people who believe that the main job of the HR department is just to recruit people to fill up vacant positions, which wrong. HR teams take on much more than that. They take up more responsibilities than you can imagine.

The job of any human resource manager are much broader than just to recruit people. This is why HR management softwares offer different modules encompassing HR solutions from hire-to-retire.

Easy Employee management

Employee management can present a bit of a challenge if not well handled. You must understand that employees most likely come from a different background; hence, they require varying management styles to get the best out of all of them.

With Cloud HCM systems like these, human capital management is easy and effortless. It allows the human resource department to do their job so efficiently.

Better Employee Satisfaction

Underestimating the power of employee satisfaction in any kind of corporate setting is nothing but a disaster waiting to happen. HR must take care of critical aspects like processing payroll on time, enabling attendance marking on mobile; and a key focus on the maintaining employee benefits.

Everything around us is evolving, and that includes the way people think. That is why companies are now adapting to these innovative ways of managing their human capital. This is exactly why some companies have outperformed their rivals; they have only ensured all hands are on deck. The adoption of Cloud HCM tools has now become a necessity. Guess what? It does not look like the trend is about to end anytime soon.


HR in small businesses deals with managing spreadsheets, paper forms, employee records and almost everyone can attest to the fact that this practice is chaotic and inefficient for proper streamlining of the work.

HR management system is essential for small businesses to be able to focus on business goals rather than spending too much time on HR admin activities. A proper HR system ensures that the employees are satisfied and engaged, which in turn contributes to the success of the company. HR is not only about sick leave requests and holiday logging, it is also about payroll management, performance management, time tracking and lots more.

An Online HR software helps you to keep all the elements in check. It streamlines and simplifies the administrative procedures. It also increases the level of communication between the employees and the management, which in turn makes engagement building a core value of the company. An online HR software becomes a central location which helps to store, manage and monitor all employee data.

Most small businesses don’t have a dedicated HR system and thus opting for an online HR system provides easy solutions to the company to be able to manage their most important assets. Most companies in top cities like Mumbai , Delhi , Bangalore , Chennai and Pune have moulded in the Online HR system for the overall efficient management of the employees.

Hence while selecting an online HR Software, here are a few things that small businesses should consider.

  1. Flexibility – The online HR software should be able to mould itself around your company’s workflows and processes. Many HR software solutions are rather inflexible and end up adding to the inefficiency of the company. Other than being flexible, the software should also be easy-to-use with intuitive functions, simple navigation etc.
  2. Scalability – When a small business start growing, it is not possible to change the entire online HR software to meet the new requirements. HR teams and authorized users should be able to log in to the system from anywhere, through any device so that the company can expand without having to purchase new software for each location
  3. Employee Access – The online HR software system should make it easy for your employees to access their personal details, compare and choose benefits, review their claim history and more, across various devices. Employees now-a-days want access and control over their HR information, thus allowing HR staff of small businesses to focus on other priority tasks
  4. Comprehensive – It is necessary that your online HR software is comprehensive, covering all your tasks and functions including on-boarding and off-boarding, paid leaves, employee management and much more. You don’t want to invest in an online software, that will only increase your workload
  5. Compliance – The online HR software that you choose should have built-in systems that allow you to stay in compliance and are supported by the vendor to avoid penalties, fines etc.

At ZingHR, we specialize in providing online HR software solutions based on the requirement of the company, keeping in mind all the factors that will only help you grow your business further while taking the load of HR management off your shoulders.


The enterprise eco-system is evolving rapidly, bringing in a wave of change in the Human Resource landscape. The platforms that were designed just a few years ago, catered to the basic requirements of companies and their HR department.

Over the years, there has been an evolution of workforce; HR Leaders are increasingly expected to participate in business growth and the function of HR has shifted from being paper intensive to driving innovation at workplace.

Disruptive Innovations by ZingHR

Machine Learning: ZingHR implements Machine Learning technology for recruitment with psychometric analysis. Machine Learning revolutionizes recruiting by applying complex mathematical calculations to analyze the behavior of a potential employee, hence saving the time spent on recruitment.

Machine Learning helps make faster hiring decisions as the requirements for the right candidate are clearly defined, reducing the resource time and efforts, hence reducing the overall costs for the organization. Predictive models can be designed by Machine Learning algorithms classifying potential employees as per their probability of attrition, derived by past behavioral patterns within their previous workplaces.

Given the right human insight, machine learning can eliminate interviewer bias as it analyzes the big data as per user defined parameters and the results are drawn objectively.

Aadhaar based eKYC for Mobile Onboarding

ZingHR’s latest integration for convenient employee Onboarding – Aadhaar based eKYC, lets employees complete their verification formalities instantly. The identity and address of the candidate are verified electronically through Aadhaar and processed further. It enables a convenient, secure and paperless process for employee verification.

The entire onboarding process including document submission, offer letter acceptance, sharing company details, employee connect on mobile and web and eKYC verification is seamlessly integrated.

Business Analytics

ZingHR uses Microsoft PowerBI and other big data analytics tools to deliver real-time human resource analytics for business transformation. Power BI provides businesses with a 360 degree and real-time view of the most important HR metrics. It turns organizational data into intelligent, impactful visualizations that help make better, informed decisions.

Chatbots for support

ZingHR integrates a chatbot facility for customer support 24X7. It uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to simulate a conversation with human users. Chatbots use Language understanding intelligence service (LUIS) and Natural language Processing (NLP) to mimic human conversations and respond to written prompts by the user and deliver the desired response, real-time.


HR management necessitates several complex responsibilities. The continuity of quality services from any company requires the support of an amazing HR team at the background. Organizing the diverse work responsibilities via a singular software platform is highly beneficial. Companies must find widely-accepted HR management software. Visit the website of the service to discover the entailed benefits.

See whether you can customize the software with the unique needs of your vertical. Find if the service has multiple packages. Evaluate the feature differences between the packages to find the most relevant one with your business objectives.

Best practice execution

The job profile of the HR department is unique. It is the intersection place between the circles of management and employees. The HR is a salaried employee entrusted with the responsibilities of negotiating salaries and ensuring timely payments. The HR manager is the bridge between management and employees. The manager has to explain employee issues to the supervisors and convey the requirements of the top brass to the staffs. Executing best practices of communication and management is vital. Like in any other business operation, decisions at the HR level must be based on data as well. HR software offers the best platform to systematize the implementation of company policies.

Addressing administration issues

Organizational administration presents several complex aspects. More often than not, compliance gaps with company policies cause the problem. A smart HR manager is quick to identify whether the issue requires remediation at the staff level or the management level. A progressive company needs to enact statutory compliances for governance issues. The right HR management software delivers the necessary resources to facilitate effective communications. Indeed, a calculated communique is the only way to resolve stalemates effectively in the best interests. The software platform is effective in setting communication workflows for speedy remediation of issues across hierarchies.

Security and support

As the HR software platform must store confidential data, its security system is of paramount importance. Evaluate the encryption system. Make sure that it delivers a 128 bit SSl encryption at least. Also, check whether the software developers can guarantee the availability of ready support whenever you need. Find whether the company imposes a timeframe to its support structure. Ideally, you should be eligible for free support always. Confirm the accessibility of your data. Check the tier status of the global data center maintained by the company. You can definitely find a Tier III global data center as a trustworthy signature of quality support.


EPF   Rules Changed from Sept. 1, 2014.


  1. EPF compulsory contribution now mandatory for all whose salary is below Rs 15000 per month. (Earlier limit was Rs 6500 per month).
  2. EPF monthly contribution of Employer now fixed at 8.33% of Rs 15000 = Rs 1250, irrespective of how much lesser than Rs 15000 you are paid.
  3. Minimum Monthly Pension now is Rs 1000 per month.
  4. Earlier EPS membership compulsory Insurance coverage now increased from 156,000 now is Rs 300,000.

Lesser take home, compulsory investment towards EPF for future benefits is in force!