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Intuitively designed to simulate a conversation with human users.

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Custom AI enabled Chatbots. Creating incredibly engaging employee experiences.


Intuitively designed to improve employee productivity and efficiency, the ZingHR chatbot can be designed to behave like a virtual HR. It can simulate and carry out real-time conversation with employees, respond to all HR related queries instantly, hence enabling a smarter way to engage, 24X7. Switch to a better experience for your employees. ZingHR’s artificially intelligent chatbot uses Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to mimic human conversations and respond to written prompts by the user, real-time.


Chatbot Features

Accessible 24X7 Empowering employees with an instant access to information, at any time through smartphones, tablets or desktops.
Contextual conversations Chatbots are optimizing user experience combined with real-time learning that gets smarter with every interaction, to create more contextual conversations
Real-time interaction Chatbot intend to assist you at all times, reduce the number of tickets raised and cut down on any delays in support and communication
User experience Understanding the importance of time spent in solving issues, the chatbot is designed to handle basic requests and accurately respond to common questions within seconds
Chatbots for HR

Chatbots Benefits

Effective Onboarding
New joinees can interact with the chatbot for any doubts about the new company policies, probation period, leaves etc.

The Chatbot answers repetitive questions for employees, freeing up HR resource and time more productive tasks

Saves Time
The Chatbot can be designed to share information related to compensation, benefits and performance, hence reducing resource time and effort to get information delivered

Faster Decision Making
With easy access to information, employees are empowered to make better and faster decisions, ex: planning leaves as per the policy

Instant Support
Designed to connect with human users, the ZingHR chatbot is enabled to generate responses and quickly guide you through the portal

Higher satisfaction
Chatbots can help build a company culture that is strategically aligned with the organization goals. They provide more accurate, intelligent responses with less or no human intervention