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  • Unimark Remedies is a group with multiple locations and the challenges at the 32 year group
  • Manual cumbersome using Excel sheets
  • Getting data on time
  • Data had to be updated regularly, not a one time affair
  • Onus on HR Team
  • Report generation was difficult
  • Ensuring that locations are connected was a challenge
  • Data less accessible


Solution for Unimark Remedies

Why ZingHR?

  • Cost-effective and integrated product
  • Flexibility to choose modules
  • Realtime support from ZingHR Implementation team
  • Cloud platform with the ability to offer mobility
  • Customized Employee reports with customer specific search capabilities such as work location based search


  • Increased productivity
  • Time cost
  • Accuracy of data
  • HR man hours can be used at other places
  • Paper costs
  • Data more accessible- Intend to use the mobile app in the future for better connectivity
  • Streamlining of processes like Hiring and Seperation. Which used to be a tedious job before, can now be done at the convenience of a click
  • Visibility of entire employee lifecycle-By the manager
  • Steamlining of processes like Payroll. Lesser conflicts between HR and Finance Department.
  • Managing the Geographical constraints
  • Onus now on employees to update information on ESS. System more process oriented and less people oriented.

Frequently Used Modules

  • Time and Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Leave Management

About Unimark Remedies

Unimark Remedies

Unimark, a vertically integrated healthcare company, aims in developing affordable generic medicines in various therapeutic segments such as respiratory, cardiovascular, anti-infectives, central nervous system for global markets. We believe in introducing affordable generic formulations establishing a remarkable global benchmark.