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Sylhet is a breathtaking city in north-eastern Bangladesh which is situated on the bank of the river Surma. With the immense history & cultural foundation, Sylhet is perhaps the oldest city of Bangladesh & as a result, this city experiences various tourists visit each year. It is quite possibly the most delightful & largest cities in Bangladesh encompassed by the Jaintia, Khasi & Tripura hills. The city is notable for its tropical forest & tea gardens. With many top vacation destinations in Sylhet, it makes it the best tourist spot.
HRMS i.e., Human Resource Management System is now the talk around town. In a world that is tech-savvy, businesses do not want to be left behind. Traditional ways of handling records are now far gone with cloud-based HRMS solutions coming in, providing a platform for the best HR software for enterprises and large companies to rise. Apart from just being technology-driven, automating systems have now become the need of the hour. With most enterprises in Sylhet introducing work-from-home, knowing how your employees perform would be a task if there were no software to be implemented for it. Luckily in the age we live in, everything’s one step ahead of us.

What are the different modules we offer?

Hire to retire, everything from onboarding an employee to their exit is managed by the software. A cloud-based HRMS software that keeps all data stored & secured in its database. To name a few modules that we have to offer:
• Talent Acquisition
• ESS (Employee Self-Service), Social, & MSS (Actions Manager Self-Service) Management
• Digital On-Boarding
• Talent & Performance Management
• Time & Leave Management
• Learning Management
• Travel & Expense Management
• E-Separation Management
• Payroll Management
• Lifecycle Events Management

Our team at ZingHR proactively works on developing various other modules that can help with the growth of the employees & of the organization. We analyse the gaps in the market & work on the best possible solution for it. Always forward, never back; as the saying goes.
SMBs & enterprises in Sylhet, as they develop, must look out for emerging tech & have an open mind about adapting them into their systems, that’s when the implementation happens smoothly. With ZingHR, you wouldn’t have to worry about seamless integration, fast implementation & safety of data. ZingHR brings to you a platform that believes in “Outcomation”, we push you to automate your systems & achieve the outcomes. At the end of the day, we aim to decrease your workload!

The All-in-One Solution

Companies in Sylhet no longer have to surf through a million HR software to find one that’s best fit for them. At ZingHR, we provide an entire hire-retire platform. With over 600+ clients trusting & loving our product, we’re sure that you would too! With a team of proactive individuals & the drive of agility & innovation that we have, you can trust us to be your long-term HR tech partner.

Empower Employees with a Centralized System

Connect & engage with employees spread across different geographies on cloud and mobile through the self-service portal to positively impact processes, operations, & business productivity. Enable employees to update & track attendance, apply for leaves, access payslips, & raise support requests, all from one platform.

Seamless Integration

Be it integration across different employment portals or across different functions of the HRMS system, we provide it all. ZingHR is the best enterprise HR software​ as it provides customizable options. We hope to have caught your eye by now. To know more about ZingHR, you can always get in touch with us at!.

As much as we rely on humans to get work done, there is always a higher percentage of error on tasks done by an overworked HR than an AI. Providing a safe space to store employee data, this system can make functions easier, from onboarding employees to the time they part away, everything is taken care of by the HRMS solution. To have the best HRMS software implemented in your company, call us at 1800-233-6504 or you can mail us at
Zing HR brings to you some of the best HR software in Sylhet. Our HR software is equipped with a modern interface & state-of-the-art features. Our HR software can impeccably handle all the routine HR activities with utmost precision & accuracy.
With this module, one can swiftly onboard, orient & align new employees with the company’s goals & their responsibilities – the sooner an employee becomes productive, the more the overall ROI of the new hire.
Yes, it is extremely easy to set up & run, such systems not only improve the efficiency & productivity of your business but also lay the fundamentals of organizational change. To see how the best HRMS solution in Sylhet works, contact us now!
Yes, absolutely. Implement one of the best HRMS software in Sylhet that comes with affordable pricing plans & also it can be customisable based on the needs of the business. To get the pricing, call us at 1800-233-6504 or you can mail us at

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