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Puri attracts thousands of tourists every year, being known for the exotic beaches and the Jagannath temple, this place has always been a major tourist destination. However, in the last few decades the city has evolved significantly in terms of economic growth and technological advancements. The tasks of an HR is really hectic and crucial for the success of any business. So, we have come up with ZingHR which is a cloud based AI powered HRMS software that will take care of your organization’s HR needs by providing smart solutions. ZingHR does the major tasks of an HR in less time and with zero error. It is easily customizable and it is accessible from anywhere across the globe. ZingHR is the best HR payroll software in Puri as it looks after entire legal and compliance and also provides detailed reports for the business analysts to take data-driven decisions. Our software is used in large organizations in all metropolitan cities in India and has gained trust of many users across the world.

What are the solutions HRMS software provides?

ZingHR being one of the leaders in the HR Tech industry focuses on the productivity and outcome of the employees based on their time spent in their workplace. It enables the managers and HR professionals to track the progress and performance of each individual in the organization. Besides tracking performance, our system helps you to automate repetitive tasks and focus on key aspects of the business. Our HRMS system performs the following tasks listed below:

  • -Digital on-boarding
  • -Payroll management
  • -Talent acquisition
  • -Time and leave management
  • -ESS (employee self-service), social, and MSS (actions manager self-service) management
  • -Talent and performance management
  • -Travel and expense management
  • -Learning management
  • -E-separation management
  • -Lifecycle events management

What makes ZingHR different from other providers?

ZingHR focuses on increasing the productivity and efficiency of your organization. With the growing pace in the technologies, it easily adapts and upgrades to the latest versions. It is available on both mobile and web applications. You can easily track the progress of your employee and get better insights about your organization’s growth. It helps in managing the time efficiently and also it comes at affordable price points. Workforce management in general is a hectic task but ZingHR has made it easy. The UI is user friendly and requires no prior knowledge about the software. It will automatically take care of payroll, leave management, attendance management, rewards and recognition and other core HR tasks. ZingHR is undoubtedly a market leader for its seamless delivery and impeccable performance.


With the growing trend of remote working, managing the workforce has become a tedious task for HR managers, so the need for automation of HR tasks is very important and convenient for all businesses. Our AI-enabled HRMS ZingHR in Puri is one of the best performing software that aligns perfectly to your organization’s goals. It is suitable for both small- and large-scale organizations. So, if you are looking for time saving and cost- effective HR software then ZingHR is the perfect solution for your organization. You can check the FAQ section or you can write to us at

Our HR software will take care of all the following activities


Any modern HRMS system provides multiple modules, so it’s normal when there are more modules, the system will take a bit of time in the implementation of HRMS software.  However, it’s easy to use and the user-friendly design of the dashboard enables everyone to use the system without any trouble. Being a leading HR software provider in Puri we recommend our clients to take our assistance in integrating the software into their business.
Yes definitely. It’s time to integrate HRMS with the help of an enterprise HR software company in Puri that offers different modules of HR and brings together major functionaries of HR professionals under one platform. To learn more about our HRMS, contact us now.
If you are looking for the best HR payroll software in Puri, then your search ends here. Being a leader in the space of human resources technology, we arm our clients with dynamic HR Modules that help them to optimize their productivity and engagement with the employees.
Our HRMS solutions in Puri allow companies to extend the facility of work from home and remote working to their employees. With features like geo-tagging, our HRMS tracks data in real-time to help the employees remain aligned with the company irrespective of their work location.

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