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Hamilton is a city known for its serendipitous architecture and marvellous beauty. The city is a major education and research hub as almost a quarter of its population consists of tertiary students, research scholars and scientists. On the economic front, the city’s major sources of revenue include education, manufacturing, retail, agriculture and the dairy industry. Hamilton harbours industry leaders in aircraft manufacturing, electrical fencing systems, trailer boat manufacturing and more, with some of these products even exported to foreign countries. Almost all of the companies and institutions operating in these sectors employ a lot of employees. And for these firms, there is a crying need for a proper internal management system to not only facilitate employee structuring and planning architecture, but also provide additional HR features such as zero-touch payroll processing systems, dedicated employee portals, hiring and retention analytics, performance metrics, budgetary allocation support and more. So when it comes to a channelized HRMS platform, there is only one name that occurs in and that is ZingHR, the best HR software for enterprises and large companies.

Why Choose us?

ZingHR is a competitive, reliant and highly adaptive HRMS solution.

It is a 2 decades young software system with pan-global experience across Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

ZingHR is backed by Microsoft and only speaks volumes about the kind of product and service the platform offers to its clients.

What do we offer?

  • ZingHR, the best HR software for enterprises and large companies, is a cloud-based HR service platform that uses AI integrated analytical metrics in its operations with intelligent behavioural learning and smart synchronisation.

  • ZingHR delivers accurate results based on precision mapping through the skill-based job requirement and implementation for efficient decision making by the firm and takes an effortless tracking mechanism in its portfolio to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Apart from employee performance evaluation and work segregation, ZingHR helps HRs and top management people in hiring and training the best people for their company through a comprehensive hiring process and also helps in predicting resignation trends of existing employees to keep a check on the attrition rate.

  • • ZingHR includes a fully loaded employee portal, zero-touch payroll processing system, geo-fencing of workflow processes, biometric attendance regulatory, leave and timetable scheduling system, machine learning technologies with HR analytics and more.

Make your Workforce Powerful

  • With multilingual and multiplatform support, ZingHR offers flexibility to its clients to work, report and monitor various business metrics, anytime and anyplace.

  • ZingHR, the best enterprise HR software, is the modern HRMS workhorse that is fully equipped to cater to your entire business needs and gives you the power to control and shape your firm’s productivity, efficiency and resourcefulness through innovation, implementation and excellent output delivery.

  • To know more, check out our website at or book a free demo by dropping a line at

Embrace a Precise, Secure and Able Management System

ZingHR is New Zealand’s best cloud HR software solution designed for all kinds of workplace modes and modules.

At ZingHR, we understand the need for security, privacy and a completely reliable management system for businesses. Thus, our software provides the best mix of control, features and integration.

ZingHR brings an all-around solution to all HR functionalities such as hiring, retention, digital onboarding, payroll processing, employee tracking, internal management and more.

ZingHR is highly flexible for businesses of all sizes and domains and is the most ideal solution for your entire HR need.

Fully Integrated HRMS System

• A fully functional and integrated HRMS system.

• Ensure security and privacy for your data.

• Synchronised workflow that is integrated and assimilated in real-time.

• Over-the-cloud HR compliance system.

• Easy to use with a simplified multi-flow user interface.

• Ensure your workflow is blessed with anytime-ready service.

• The best cost-to-performance HCM platform.

• Access the entire HRMS suite across a range of devices and platforms.

HR and payroll integration for improved efficiency, growth, and employee empowerment in New Hamilton

Fueling HRMS and Future Of Work now with world class emerging technologies in Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Lower Hutt, Napier, Palmerston North, Tauranga & Wellington.


ZingHR brings the brightest and most efficient HRMS software to Hamilton. The best HRMS platform in New Zealand, our software offers unique and easy-to-use features that take care of the entire organisation needs from hiring to retiring and everything in between. Our best-in-class intuitive UI presents zero-touch payroll processing, AI/ML-based analytics, employee performance metrics, and more.
ZingHR is a Microsoft-backed cloud-based HRMS software in Hamilton. We do understand that HRMS systems cost a ton and don’t even offer the entire features suite. But don’t worry, we offer the most competitive price for HRMS solutions in your area laced with a complete HRMS toolkit. Our unique payment plans offer the best prices adjusted according to your budget, the size of your business, and other requirements.
HRMS solutions are completely web-based and need to be properly implemented for your businesses to function properly. ZingHR, the best HR software in North Island, has best in class staff service that facilitates proper mapping of our HRMS system within a span of 6 to 8 weeks.
ZingHR is completely cloud-based and has a multi-faceted presence across different cloud platforms which are routinely monitored and optimized to suit the changing needs of our clients. The best HRMS platform in New Zealand offers round-the-clock cloud monitoring and AI support for updation and optimization of services.
At ZingHR, the best HRMS software in Hamilton, we have a team of technicians and experts who are there to help you in every step possible, be it during implementation or after. The technical support team is always active and always listening. Just raise a ticket at

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