How will be HR Tech Shaping up in 2020?

HR Tech

2019 has flown by. In 2020 and beyond expect organizations to take a deep dive into AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning, Employee Engagement, HR Analytics, Focus on Diversity and Inclusion, Continuous performance feedback, Personalised Learning Experiences. Technology is holding a centre stage these days. In today’s world, the business has become dynamic and technology […]

HR Tech Innovations in the future


Innovations in the field of HR Tech have been pivotal in shaping the future of work. Many Large Enterprises and Business leaders are now realizing the impact of HR Tech Innovations in the future of work. Such a rise in HRTech Innovations has been spurred due to the rise in interest of Businesses in Outcome-oriented […]

5 Ways to Completely Revamp your Rewards and Recognition System


Rewards and recognitions are the best way to motivate employees to keep working in an efficient manner and to retain top talent. Treating employees the right way and motivating them frequently is a must for every organization to help enhance employee performance. These rewards and recognitions can be linked with the HR Software so as […]