Ways To Make ZingHR HRIS Your Own


ZingHR is a payroll management application that helps you manage your digital workforce more effectively. It provides a comprehensive solution for your entire organization’s needs and a dashboard of all staff activity. The innovative features of the portal ZingHR make it unique. The ZingHR HRIS system provides effective digital onboarding solutions with biometric and facial recognition, revolutionizing […]

Road Ahead for the Automobile Sector

Automobile Sector - The Way Ahead!

More than a century ago people would have laughed at the thought of cars that could drive themselves or the notion of having vehicles running on electricity, but ideas that were considered impossible before are all being realized through innovation and technology. The question is not how, it is when! Now in an unfortunate turn […]

Signs that Indicate your Startup Business is in need of Payroll Software

Payroll system

You and your employees may be feeling conflicting feelings towards the end of the month. Payday is a happy day for the workers. However, if processing payroll is not simplified, it is not an easy time for the business. Running payroll manually may result in restless evenings and several verification procedures right up to the […]

COVID-19 Vaccine: How HR Can Plan Ahead Post Pandemic?

hr solution

The pandemic created havoc in the world and forced everyone to work from home. Right from the CEO to every single employee of the company worked from home. To say that human resources have been busy throughout the COVID-19 period is an understatement. They are now, more than ever, essential to how businesses rethink their […]

Best HRMS Software for Companies and Large Enterprises

hrms software

Companies of all sizes face workforce issues such as creating leadership prospects, increasing employee engagement, and streamlining performance management. Even though HR best practices and technology are rapidly developing to meet these needs, big companies confront distinct difficulties than small businesses. More than just HR departments use HRMS software for large companies, workers and job […]

Best HR Tech systems for Enterprises and Large Companies

HR Tech Software

These days every company in India is opting for digital HR tech to make the working process easy and efficient. The best HR Tech software has very few differences, but they have a lot of similarities. They differ in their features, setup, price, and others. You can use them in enterprises and large companies. Among the best digital […]

HR Software for Enterprises and Large Companies


The use of HR software has become the need of the hour for every organization. If you own a large or medium-sized company, you may have HR Software to run the business organizations smoothly. HR software for large companies offers custom solutions for all types of business organizations through which they can increase their infrastructure […]

What is HRMS Role in Enterprise 2.0?


Social and mobile technologies have proved to be practical tools for finding and hiring people in recent years. Recently, we have begun to see consumer technology–particularly social–being used in other HR tasks. However, although research indicates that these next-generation technologies have the potential to enhance corporate communication and collaboration, business executives are left with one […]

Reasons Why More Businesses Prefer Outsourcing Payroll Services?


Many companies will handle their payroll operations in-house, using manual accounting, in-house bookkeeping, or payroll software. Nonetheless, an increasing number of small company owners are turning to professional payroll solutions in India for assistance. They may concentrate more on procedures and strategies to steer the future of their company by outsourcing payroll. Smart Reasons for Considering Outsourcing […]

Digitally Transform Your HR Operations with Enterprise Service Management


There is nothing new in the use of ITSM or IT service management for business improvements, services, and outcomes. However, recently there’s been a significant amount of growth in its adoption. With the pandemic in place, the companies are trying digital transformation to better support the employees as well as customers through HR enterprise solutions. […]