Prashanth Prakash

Accel Partners

Representing Accel Partners who took over the erasmic fund (our investor). Prashant is one of the pioneers of VC investing in India and has been instrumental in funding some of the most successful start-ups in India. He is on the board of many Accel funded companies.

Anand Jhaveri

Mumbai Angels

Representing Mumbai Angels, India’s largest and most well-known angel network. Anand is a technology entrepreneur and was the Founder CEO of Rave Technologies which he sold to Northgate. Anand has personally invested in us in multiple rounds and is an active advisor to me on business strategy issues

Bhavin Turakhia

Flock and Zeta

Seen as one of the poster boys of technology entrepreneurship in India, Bhavin the Founder of Directi (which he sold for $900 million). Bhavin is personally very interested now in technology and it’s interaction with employee engagement and is a great sounding board for me on our efforts in that direction. His latest ventures Zeta and Flock are synergistic and collaborate with us in penetrating some clients.

Dev Raman


Dev is a senior banker in India and very well known for his work with technology companies in India. He was a senior banker with Credit Suisse and HSBC, prior to setting up and managing a hedge fund. Lastaki and Triton are his latest entrepreneurial ventures and are seen as leaders in enterprise SaaS thinking in India.