Aadhaar Vault Announcement

PII Data:

All PII Data fields which reside on the ZingHR platform in an encrypted/+ masked format can be decrypted for ONLY THE ITEMS THAT THE LEGAL AGREEMENT SIGNOFF from the customers has been signed/ EXISTS FOR basis which Product Super admin for that customer instance will enable those PII fields to APPEAR ON A SPECIAL DECRYPT + DOWNLOAD screen (which can be assigned to any role in that customer instance by the Customer HR).

These fields will be used by the customer for their business purposes that they deem fit and ZingHR is no longer liable for the safety and use of that data for any purpose as deemed by the customer. Any breach, misuse or illegal monetization of that data is no longer a liability of the ZingHR platform in its role as a processor of data as per GDPR norms.

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Aadhaar Data:

Aadhaar Data cannot be allowed to reside on ZingHR platform in any form as per GOI Statutory mandates. Customers wanting Aadhaar data will either have to store it offline in their systems in traditional forms since if Aadhaar data for any employee – when it enters the ZingHR platform will compulsorily reside on the Aadhaar VAULT only. This is a statutory requirement of the GOI and cannot be breached for/by any customer requesting for data to be stored in any form on the ZingHR platform for reporting or any other purposes.

Where customers use AAHDAAR Data as a valid current input for government/non-government business processes like PF Site, etc among others, they will have to maintain offline xl data and upload them. Zing will in the coming months try to address this through a technical route so that data is uploadable on government sites but is not readable by any users.

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